Alaska Charitable Gift Annuity Registration

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Filling out a form on donation property

Charities are required to meet prerequisites and follow regulations before using charitable annuities for fundraising. This guide contains information about charitable gift annuities in Alaska.

Alaska Charitable Gift Annuity Registration

Agency:Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development - Division of Insurance

AS § 21.03.021 and AS § 21.03.070

Initial Registration


Alaska does not license or register issuers of charitable gift annuities, however, certain disclosures and notifications are required. Organizations must notify the division within 90 days after their first issuance of a charitable gift annuity. A notification should be signed by an officer or director, provide the name and address of the organization, and certify that the organization is a charitable organization. The notification should also certify that the annuity is a qualified charitable gift annuity.

Renewal Not Required

Not required

Alaska does not require charitable organizations to file on-going reports with the Division of Insurance.