Managed Annual Report Service

We simplify annual report compliance by:

  • Tracking your report due dates.
  • Filing your annual reports on time, every time.
  • $125 per state per year plus state fees.

Manage My Annual Reports

Managed annual report services

Managing your annual reports in multiple states is an important compliance responsibility. Filing annual reports on time keeps your business in good standing with the state and avoids penalties. Managing report compliance in house is often not the best use of company resources.

We offer a better solution to managing your company's annual reports. With managed annual report services from Harbor Compliance, we track your deadlines in every state and file on your behalf.

Take the guesswork out of tracking annual reports in house. Harbor Compliance acts as your third-party compliance department, and helps keep all your entities in good standing.

Our service

Whether you have one entity in one state, or multiple entities nationwide, Harbor Compliance manages all your reports so that you don’t have to. Your company is assigned one account representative, who will:

  • Track report due dates
  • Prepare and file reports timely on your behalf
  • Send you confirmation of filing by email
  • Provide ongoing support as needed


Stay in corporate good standing

We file your reports on time with the state, and without interruption to your business.

Single point of contact

You have access to one compliance specialist for all of your entities, report filing needs, and questions.

Consolidated invoicing available

We don't hassle you with billing. We send you one invoice for all of your service and state fees.

A flexible solution

As your business grows, easily add states of service to your account online anytime.

Manage my annual reports

Ensure your annual report compliance. Get started today.

Manage My Annual Reports

Common Questions

An annual report is an ongoing filing that updates your company records and is required by most states. The report usually lists the business address, registered agent, and owners and officers of the business.
The requirements vary by state so its important that you research the requirements in all states in which your company is registered to do business.
Each state has a different deadline. Some states require a report every year while other states require a report every two years (a biennial report). Pennsylvania businesses file a decennial report. The deadline may be a fixed date or based off of the date of formation of the business.
Missing a deadline can result in costly consequences such as fines, penalties, loss of good standing, or administrative dissolution.
The filing fees also vary by state and range from $15 to $800.
Please call us at 1-888-995-5895 to consult a sales representative.
By working with Harbor I saved countless hours of research and paperwork.
DouglasDouglas Thomas Limited
Harbor Compliance rocked my boat! My specialist and his team were insanely helpful and just what I needed. There are alot of things as an entrepreneur you have to do yourself but this isn't one of them. My specialist made it super easy to create my LLC and for that I'm eternally grateful! I highly recommend Harbor Compliance.
AngeliqueAngelique Arroyo LLC

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