Client Stories

We are honored to have helped many successful entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses and nonprofits. We have worked with doctors, architects, real estate investors, nonprofits, landscapers, freelancers, and musicians to name a few. Read some of the stories our clients wanted to share!

I can't say enough great things about Harbor Compliance. I own my own small consulting business that operates in just 3 states. I got a new client who needed staff on the ground in 10 states within weeks. Cliff and company did the heavy lifting -- I just needed to sign my name on a few dozen documents that they had prepared. As painless as it gets. If that wasn't enough, there were at least two times when Cliff put my interests before theirs and saved me money. I highly recommend Harbor Compliance.
Clayt360 Campaign Consulting, LLC
I can't believe what a positive, painless experience it was getting my 501c3 established. Cliff R****** was my account liaison and Dr. B******* was the one who worked with me. She asked a few questions and did all the work. I just signed my name. The process was amazingly fast. We had our 501c3 within 3 weeks? Maybe less. Amazing! I cannot recommend Harbor Compliance enough!! Save yourself the headache of trying to go through this process by yourself. Worth the money!
TracyGood Earth Garden
Harbor Compliance is an excellent company. Dr. B******* and Cliff guided me through the exemption process smoothly and ensured my corporation would be in full compliance with IRS tax regulation. The entire process took about one month and I couldn't have done it without the Harbor team.
TravonBlueLight Development Group, Inc
As a start-up non-profit with minimal experience and resources, we were grateful for the expertise and terrific service we received from Harbor Compliance. They were responsive, professional and very good to work with. We recommend them highly.
Brock and James were so helpful in getting everything we needed to get our contractors license. Without their help and expertise I am sure we would still be trying to figure out what our next step would be. They are very thorough and were always available to answer any questions.
LindsayThe Reinforcing Company Inc.
Harbor Compliance did an excellent job helping me get set up as a 501(c)(3) corp. Everything went very smoothly and my IRS determination letter was received quickly.
MatthewAdaptive Shooting Inc.
Harbor Compliance is a very professional and empathetic company to work with. Kitty and Brock took my hand and guided me through every phase of obtaining a 501c3. I filed in January 2016 and received approval July 2016. Without their knowledge and kind encouragement, I would have given up on pursuing my exemption. Kitty was always very prompt in answering my questions, and I would gladly refer this company to anyone wishing to sail the seas of an uncharted 501c3 application process.
DevonnaThe Voice of Words Publications
Quick, Efficient, Professional; best way to incorporate the correct way!
Harbor Compliance employees were friendly and efficient and nonprofit status became a reality in a short period of time. My consultant was accessible, patient, and encouraging. She provided an expertise about the process and a wealth of information about nonprofits that was critical to my successful launch.
JonIn Him Christian Wellness
Believe it or not, trust Harbor Compliance for your business process. You will surely be the winner through their great services. But note that what works for A within a short period may only work for B within a longer period. Just be patient, Harbour Compliance will take you to the promise land. I am a living witness.
EricFederation of International Super Soccer
Harbor Compliance is a professional, well organized, attentive business. They are precise, timely, and understanding of their clients needs and desires. The process of filing for 501 (c) (3) status is a frightening and drawn out task for the untrained. Harbor Compliance did a wonderful job of executing the paperwork for us and answering all questions in a concise and easy to follow manor. We hired them on Dec 30th 2015 and received official 501 (c) (3) status on January 26th 2016!! Thank you so much for everything!
MichaelThe Bike Experience USA
I want to thank Kitty for exceptional customer service. She went above and beyond anything I could've ever thought or Imagined. This is my first experience filing and she made it so easy for me. I would absolutely positively recommend this company not only for the preparation of your 501 C3 but also for compliance.
SusanGraceworks International, Inc.
Harbor Compliance is a wonderful company to work with! They are quick and efficient, and the staff is very friendly and helpful! I highly recommend this company!!!
WendyLabTrust LLC
Very professional service. They answer emails and calls right away. If they are not available they call you back ASAP. This is not a strictly online registered agent that just takes your $ and doesn't give you much. Harbor Compliance has been a very personal, human, dedicated service for me. They have helped me with multiple questions I have had and helped me out when I had an important document mailed to them in which I actually needed the original. I would HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking for a great registered agent service! Thank you guys!
EleE. P. LLC
Harbor Compliance has been truly wonderful to work with. They helped us register to solicit donations in all states that require it. This took the pressure off us. We're a small organization and if we had been forced to take on this task, it would have pulled us away from important fundraising efforts. The requirements of each state is daunting to say the least. Harbor Compliance held our hand every step of the way and kept us informed and up to speed with every detail. In addition, they were very patient with our questions and made sure we were comfortable and understood the complete process. I'm beyond grateful that Harbor Compliance provides a service like this. We plan on sticking with them long term!
Paula BurtonAnimals Asia
Our firm has been trying to obtain a non-resident insurance license for the State of New York for more than 12 months. In all honesty, we were about to give up trying when we stumbled upon Harbor Compliance. They walked us through the whole process step by step and remained in constant communication throughout. The level of service provided by our Account Manager and Corporate Filer was beyond EXCELLENT. They were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and detailed … a truly STRESS FREE experience. You will not regret hiring Harbor Compliance! If only we had found them sooner …
Stephanie Woodward
Our firm found Harbor Compliance to be invaluable in walking us through the process of becoming registered to do business in several states. It is well worth the fee - it would have taken us weeks or months to figure out all the paperwork involved!
LorrainePartners for Architecture, Inc.
An EXCELLENT experience. I am self-employed and now starting a ministry. My need was to have a non-profit ministry in NC with 501C3 status. Harbor Compliance accomplished this in lightening speed. A previous attorney had suggested that I skip the 501C3 due to the time and intensive paperwork involved. Yet, Harbor Business Compliance accomplished this with only a few questions from me. Without a doubt, using Harbor Compliance was less expensive than hiring an attorney, and less stressful than doing it myself. I'm confident in saying, "You won't regret hiring Harbor Compliance."
BrendaKid's Mobile Ministry
Harbor Compliance not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Very courteous and knowledgeable staff. Turn-around time was nothing short of a miracle. Thanks you so much Harbor Compliance, you came through when I needed it most!
PatrickBlazer Inspection, Inc.
Harbor Compliance has been there from the beginning. From Sharon who has assisted me to the personals that work along her side, they are dedicated to helping those who are looking to reach there dreams. Thank you for all your support and help.
GavinChanging Hearts Organization, Inc.
I was very satisfied with the quick response time, level of service, and efficient work from Harbor Compliance in processing my certificate of authority to do business in North Carolina. I spoke to them on Thursday afternoon. On Friday I contacted them to begin the process, and by Monday, June 29th it was completed and the company name was already registered with the State of North Carolina. I would definitely contact Harbor Compliance again in the future and would recommend them to others.
DavidPanther Sports Academy
Harbor Compliance rocked my boat! My specialist and his team were insanely helpful and just what I needed. There are alot of things as an entrepreneur you have to do yourself but this isn't one of them. My specialist made it super easy to create my LLC and for that I'm eternally grateful! I highly recommend Harbor Compliance.
AngeliqueAngelique Arroyo LLC
Starting from scratch to create a sole proprietor LLC was easy with help from Harbor Compliance. They saved me time, money, and confusion. Along the way they gave me pointers that helped me correct earlier errors. I am most pleased.
DanDan Rosenblum Biomedical Consultant, LLC
I don't know what I would have done without the many quality services provided by Harbor Compliance. It was worth every affordable penny. My compliance specialist was extremely professional and helpful and happily went beyond the call of duty with my many requests. I will continue to use their services with peace of mind and confidence.
PaulaA&P Care Management, LLC
The service we received from Harbor Compliance to get our 501c3 status was outstanding. We received our 501c3 status in less than two weeks. They do a remarkable job. I would recommend them to anyone seeking to get a nonprofit status.
ShirleyRenaissance Cyclists Defeating Cancer United (RCDCU)
I just started using Harbor Compliance's Registered Agent and Annual Report services. I was switching from another company and also needed an address change for my business. Cliff thoroughly examined my needs and took care of everything in about 15 minutes. I feel that people at Harbor Compliance take customer satisfaction very seriously. And that should be a good sign to any customer. So with that plus their low pricing, I'd definitely recommend them to other friends.
Great service! Completed the work on time and really helped keep us focus on our day-to-day activities!
Security Capital
I just found out that I needed a Certificate of Good Standing for my business ASAP. The District of Columbia's processing period is 7-14 days. I found Harbor Compliance on the web and they were able to get my certificate within 10 minutes. They are amazing!!!
ValerieWebb Transportation LLC
I had a great experience working with Mike and Sharon at Harbor Business Compliance. Navigating the myriad of laws and regulations associated with properly establishing and operating a non-profit business within the United States can be a daunting task. The team at Harbor Compliance has the expertise needed so that you can rest assured that all your t's are crossed and i's dotted, thereby letting you focus on your core business endeavor. Great folks; highly recommend.
JeremeWikiPop, Incorporated
It's awesome to know that Harbor Compliance is looking out for my customers' best interests and will only do what's right for them.
Harbor Compliance provides top-notch Registered Agent service! They help manage the documents associated with several of our clients' documents and filings with the Delaware Corporation Commission. Directly after we purchased their service for one of the first filings, I was contacted by a dedicated representative via email. He introduced himself and let me know that he would be there to help with any questions we had or services we required. He stayed true to his word and responded immediately to a question I had a few days later. His answer was prompt and detailed. In my opinion, their "Human Touch" element is what really makes this company stand out! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
JanaeLaw Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, PC
Thank you so much for walking me through this and for all your extra help! Your patience has been so greatly appreciated!
StephanieVivid View Photography LLC
Professionalism. Courtesy. Promptness. In order to create a fantastic company, you need to partner with fantastic organizations to help guide you through unfamiliar terrain. Not only did Harbor Compliance assist our company in completing all necessary paperwork for our LLC, they proactively offered a time-effective strategy for completing all documentation so we could get back to business. In this day and age, companies need things done right-the first time. Harbor Compliance exceeded all expectations and is extremely easy to do business with. We couldn't have found a better partner.
AbdulSajiton, LLC
Working with Harbor Compliance was great! My filing specialist is an expert. He explained the issues specific to my business in a way that I could easily understand. It was quick, painless, and I'm confident things were done correctly. Saved a ton of time vs. trying to figure it out myself and a ton of money vs. getting it done through a lawyer. Highly recommended!
MelissaUlty Results LLC
I am an architect and was looking to set up an LLC. Being new to the state of Pennsylvania, I had a few questions about the process. After hearing Mike talk about Harbor Compliance, I jumped at the chance to have them walk me through it. Harbor Compliance set up everything for me. As a licensed professional, I needed to complete additional registration about the firm with the State Architects Licensure Board. Harbor took that on as well - plus they informed me of other requirements, like CROP, that I had not heard about. Mike kept in touch by email throughout - all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer. Nice work, Mike!
AnnWheaton Architecture, LLC
Harbor walked with me step-by-step me through the process of setting up my micropublishing company, pointing out potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks along the way. They took care of the registration and filing details so that I could focus on developing my brand, my services, and my products. Harbor saved me time and made it easy.
TemanThree Friendships Company
I fully recommend Harbor Compliance for nonprofits. They are helpful and very personable. Run by two energetic and intelligent, well educated entrepreneurs, Harbor Compliance responds quickly to requests and e-mails. They go the extra mile for their clients. It is an innovative and impressive company. Very Impressive.
UrsulaThe Opening Path
I enlisted their services to help register a non-profit organization and help plan the organization's mission and vision. Their responsiveness and realistic understanding of non-profit dynamics in today's world, particularly fundraising in today's economic atmosphere, gave the organization a great start.
JohnThe Alumni Society of San Sebastian
Harbor Compliance made it extremely simple to start my first LLC for my music business. By working with them I saved countless hours of research and paper work. I would highly recommend Harbor Compliance to anyone who wants to start a business, beginner or professional, because they help make it easy.
DouglasDouglas Thomas Limited

Harbor Compliance has done an outstanding, amazing and utterly brilliant job helping Reform It Now organize and obtain its 501(c)(3) status, quickly. Because of this, Reform It Now will be able to provide legal referrals to those with Autism faster and can conduct its business as a charity safely and legally.

We shamefully tried your competitor first, but soon realized they were not up to the job. In point of fact, Harbor Compliance had our 501(c)(3) determination letter in our hands 8 calendar days before your competitor had scheduled our initial consultation. Yes, that's right. They booked the consultation 30 days after we paid their fee, and you had us together with a consultant in less than a week (mostly because I had to get ready).

To say Harbor Compliance is impressive is an understatement. Everyone there has been helpful, kind, courteous and without any impatience. Everything done on time, as stated.

Your competitor, on the other hand, never returned phone calls, couldn't explain anything they were doing, provided very little on time and absolutely nothing as promised. Even their "Iron-clad money back guaranty" seems to be a lot of wind, as they take 30 days to schedule those too, and then they're partial, none of which is ever disclosed to their clients. Harbor Compliance has been up-front, honest, forthright and an absolute pleasure to work with at every step.

From filing the 1023EZ on August 1st to receipt of the determination letter on August 14th is, in my humble opinion, simply breathtaking and I dare say, ONLY Harbor Compliance could have achieved that. I say this with confidence, as your competitor doesn't take the time, make the effort, put customers first or give kind consideration to an organization's needs before their own. While Harbor Compliance was selfless in its determination to help, your competitor was selfish in dealing with its own needs. I could always get someone at Harbor, and rarely reached anyone at the competitor. You, I have to say, have a winning formula and a sound business practice.

Reform It Now will be doing business with Harbor for a very long time. Count on it!

Many thanks for a job well done!

Dr. Bob A.Reform It Now, Inc.
If you've landed at the Harbor Compliance website, you've taken a significant first step at legitimizing your business. Speaking first hand, it can be a very confusing process, especially when attempting to launch a venture by yourself as I did. I came across Harbor Compliance by a simple Google search, and I am very fortunate I did! Harbor Compliance simplified the process to a point where a regular 27 year old with no prior experience was able to successfully create and launch an LLC, literally overnight. I was assigned a personal Business Specialist who contacted me immediately, and moreover, responded via phone or email IMMEDIATELY when I had questions. I would strongly recommend Harbor Compliance for anyone looking to form their own business.
BrandonTopor Properties LLC
Harbor Compliance made it incredibly easy to register for my business taxes. I got my EIN and Pennsylvania tax ID same day! I would definitely recommend Harbor to any small business owner.
DaveAtticus Pet Design Studio
I set up my LLC on my own and did not do as thorough a job with all of the details required in making a new business compliant. Harbor has helped me to understand what's needed and why, and they pointed out the details that I didn't bother to pay attention to!

In addition to Harbor's help completing the details of my LLC they also helped me set up my first employee on a payroll. I had tried to do this in my own but became overwhelmed by the details and the process. It was not overwhelming to Harbor and they took care of the whole thing.

Harbor Compliance really helped us put the pieces together when starting our business.
StephanieAtticus Pet Design Studio
I found Harbor Compliance to be courteous, extremely expeditious, and affordable for my foreign LLC registration and agent needs. I tried to go it alone and am STILL waiting for documents to be mailed to me by my own state -- but thanks to Harbor Compliance, I was able to ensure my LLC was 100% in compliance the same day that I began conducting business. Now I can worry about my business, rather than bureaucracy. I'm glad I went with Harbor Compliance and would recommend it to others.
SusanH Street Capitol Strategies, LLC
Harbor Compliance helped me expand my real estate investing business to 5 new states. When I have a real estate deal pending in a new state, I don't have any time to waste getting my LLC registered. Each time I enter a new state, I contact Harbor and they tell me the exact costs upfront to register my LLC. Harbor handles all the state filings and serves as the registered agent They prepare the forms and all I have to do is quickly review them then they take care of everything else. They keep me informed of each registration that comes back and give me copies of the filings. Thanks to Harbor, I get my certificate of authority FAST and have never missed out on a deal, contract or closing. They make it incredibly easy and complete filings quickly. I highly recommend their service!
BobOpen Door LLC