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As nonprofit and business licensing requirements become increasingly complex, maintaining compliance presents a significant challenge to organizations of all types. Filing requirements, application forms, and statutory fees constantly change. Organizations that operate across multiple localities face even an even greater set of challenges. Partnering with a specialized service company like Harbor Compliance is the ideal option to simplify licensing matters and help ensure compliance.

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by a group of government licensing professionals and technology experts, Harbor Compliance is a leading provider of compliance solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Harbor Compliance partners with organizations in every state and over 25 countries abroad to help solve the most challenging compliance problems. Our clients range from the largest organizations in the country to fast-growth startups, and our deep industry expertise allows us to fully manage government licensing compliance in both nonprofit and business sectors.

What We Do

Harbor Compliance partners with organizations across the country to solve the most challenging compliance problems. We do this by pairing our deep expertise with industry-leading technology. Our mission is to provide insightful solutions that allow leaders to focus their talents where it matters most - leading their organizations.

At the core of our organization is close collaboration among our employees and clients. Working together, our team members continually challenge themselves to develop and implement innovative new approaches to simplifying compliance for our clients.

Our Nonprofit Expertise

Our Nonprofit Compliance team helps executives and boards navigate complex IRS and state requirements. Our clients range from startup nonprofits establishing their 501(c) tax exemptions to organizations managing multi-faceted compliance in every state. We have a proven track record of success with all stages of nonprofit compliance, having guided a number of the largest nonprofits in the country through highly complex charitable solicitation compliance projects. Our unique, collaborative approach combines the expertise of tax exemption specialists and state registration experts to provide the most complete knowledge base to our clients.

Our Business Expertise

Our Corporate Filing and Business Licensing teams specialize in helping business leaders establish and maintain compliant businesses. Our clients include entrepreneurs forming their new businesses to business executives of large organizations managing multi-faceted compliance across all states. We partner with business organizations at all stages of the corporate lifecycle. By offering full-service corporate filing, registered agent, and business licensing services, we help clients grow their businesses every step of the way.

Our Information Center

At the core of our company philosophy is education. Compliance is not simple and the requirements vary across states and municipalities, which is why we invest so heavily in education. Compliance is too important to ignore, and we believe that all organizational leaders should have access to the information they need to keep their organizations compliant, regardless of their budgets. We’ve created over 2,000 pages of free content in our Information Center designed to give you access to knowledge when you need it.
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