Tax Manager

Maintain Tax Registrations

  • Track federal, state, and local tax registrations and exemptions
  • Store payroll, sales, and corporate income tax accounts
  • Readily access tax identification numbers and key information

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A screenshot of our Tax Manager software

Reduce risks related to tax registration gaps and lapses

Drastically cut down staff time spent managing registrations

Equip your team with clarity on key tax account information

Ensure continuity through staff and vendor changes

Tax ID List

View all of your tax registrations at a glance. Sort and filter the list as desired.

Looking up tax registrations is simple. Search by tax type, jurisdiction, agency, or other common attribute.

A screenshot of a list of tax registrations

Event List

View upcoming events. See at a glance which individuals are assigned to receive automated notifications.

A screenshot of upcoming tax registration events

Explore the Power of the Harbor Compliance Suite

Streamlined compliance management for your business lifecycle, including entity, tax, records, and license management. Our unique SaaS-based compliance portfolio management platform is purpose-built for the needs of compliance professionals and administrative teams.

Experience new levels of confidence and efficiency with powerful data integrations, real-time status visualizations, carefully curated nationwide data repositories, and in-depth status and tracking features.

The Harbor Compliance Suite includes:

  • Entity Manager
  • License Manager
  • Tax Manager
  • Records Manager
  • Requirements Research Engine

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