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We handle your DBA project from conception through maintenance. We navigate registration requirements across state lines, check name availability, prepare and file DBA registrations, track renewals, and prepare and file renewals.

  • Access to a compliance specialist who consults with you on your project
  • Complete document preparation, filing, and follow-up with government agencies through approval
  • Full transparency of your project status and renewal tracking via the new DBA List feature in our software
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Why Outsource Your DBA Management to Harbor Compliance?

DBA requirements in the Unites States are complex: sometimes you have to register at the state level and sometimes at the county level. When it comes to launching a trade name or ensuring an established trade name is secured by renewing on time, half measures and partial solutions won’t do. In fact, they can do more harm than good, delaying your plans and impeding your progress. With Harbor Compliance, you’re not just buying a document filing service—you’re partnering with a team of compliance experts who understand your goals and can manage the regulatory tasks to get you there.

Full Visibility of Your DBAs in Our Software

With our Managed DBA services, our filing specialists handle the nuances of each jurisdiction and then configure your registrations in the DBA List feature in our Entity Manager software. This is a dedicated tab where clients now have visibility in their registration numbers, renewal dates, filing fees, and more.

Worry-Free Compliance

Forget navigating state websites, agonizing over government forms, and tracking renewal due dates. Leave the paperwork to us.

Responsive Service

Our one-day onboarding, precision file preparation, and expedited filing options set the bar for prompt, responsive service.

Total Solutions

In addition to DBA management, our specialists can manage entities, business licensing, tax registration, and more.

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In the middle of this exciting and stressful time, I know the licensing aspect will not be stressful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A doing business as (DBA) name is an additional business name. Registering a DBA allows your business to operate under multiple names while maintaining a single legal entity. Other terms used to describe a DBA include assumed name, fictitious name, doing business as (DBA), or trade name. The process of adopting an assumed name varies by where you operate, but registrations are typically filed with the secretary of state or at the county level.

In general, either your business must register your DBA at the state or county level before conducting business under that name. State and county requirements to register trade names for your business can be found in our 50-State DBA Guide in the Information Center.

Furthermore, you must register your DBA in each jurisdiction (state or county) in which you wish to operate under that DBA. Our service excels at coordinating this complexity for organizations operating across state lines.

To register your fictitious name, we will first check to make sure the name is available for use in the state where you wish it registered. If your name is not available, we will help you find an alternate. We then prepare and file the government paperwork to register this name.

No. A doing business as name allows a business to use multiple trade names. Acquiring a DBA lets your business launch additional brands while only having to maintain a single legal and tax entity. For instance, “Fresh Flowers LLC” may register the DBA name “Dream Wedding Flowers” to target a niche market. Registering a DBA gives your organization flexibility in marketing your business and products.

A few states require that notice of your DBA registration be published in legal journals or newspapers. We will let you know if this applies and explain our affordable fee if you would like us to take care of publishing for you. We identify the newspapers, prepare and submit notices, and obtain affidavits for your company records.

Some states and counties offer perpetual DBAs, where you register once and then the holder of the DBA does not need to renew. In other states and counties, your DBA is registered for a term such as five years of ten years. State and county renewal requirements can be found in our 50-State DBA Guide in the Information Center.

Our software tracks each DBA filing and renewal, while our service prepares and files each renewal prior to the due date.

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