Entity Manager

Instant clarity on your registrations nationwide.

  • Provides complete visibility into entity and compliance status
  • Accessible as part of the Harbor Compliance software suite
  • Automates annual report and compliance tracking

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Simplify Control of Your Entities and Compliance Workflow

Entity Manager allows full visibility of your entities and compliance status. It's a key component of our full Harbor Compliance software suite.

Maintain good standing and avoid late fees and penalties

Save time submitting corporate filings and annual reports

Get instant clarity on where your entities are registered

Ensure continuity through staff and vendor changes

Data Visualization

An interactive map provides instant clarity on where your entities are registered. View all of your entities or select a specific entity. Hover over a state to preview registration count and click to view registrations in that state.

A screenshot of an overview map for state registrations

Compliance Core™ Database

Entity Manager leverages a robust Compliance Core™ database to automatically set annual report due dates and send notifications, wherever available. The database is continually maintained to ensure up-to-date information as requirements change.

A screenshot of a list of entities

Agency Integration

Entity Manager is integrated with the secretary of state databases, wherever available. Registrations are automatically populated to provide a view of where your entities are registered, along with their registration numbers and publicly available information.

A screenshot of an entities details and agency information

Explore the Power of the Harbor Compliance Suite

Streamlined compliance management for your business lifecycle, including entity, tax, records, and license management. Our unique SaaS-based compliance portfolio management platform is purpose-built for the needs of compliance professionals and administrative teams.

Experience new levels of confidence and efficiency with powerful data integrations, real-time status visualizations, carefully curated nationwide data repositories, and in-depth status and tracking features.

The Harbor Compliance Suite includes:

  • Entity Manager
  • License Manager
  • Tax Manager
  • Records Manager
  • Requirements Research Engine

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