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What’s Included

LLC Records Kit (record templates CD not pictured)

We will:
Confirm availability of your business name
Form your LLC by filing Articles of Organization - PREPARED IN 1 BUSINESS DAY
Act as your registered agent
Obtain your federal tax ID (EIN)
Provide a customized operating agreement
Provide a company record kit and seal
File initial and first year annual reports
File publication of formation, when required
Provide compliance coaching to help you preserve your limited liability protection and corporate good standing

Choose a formation package that fits your start-up budget and needs.

Use the same services trusted by attorneys and accountants.

We provide the same high-quality service to attorneys, accountants, small businesses, and you. You will work directly with a knowledgeable specialist, who will prepare necessary documents and provide prompt support.

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Upfront pricing. No hidden fees.

We offer two packages: Formation and Compliance. The package price you see is the final one you'll pay. View Packages.

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It is unfortunate that so many of our competitors advertise a low sticker price for LLC Formation, then make up the difference by:

  • Selling your personal and business information to their affiliates. (If you see "free trials/consultations" included in their service, this a sign that they are selling your information to those companies.)
  • Surprising you at check-out with delivery, rush service, and other fees.
  • Hiding registered agent fees. They often automatically bill your credit card for registered agent service at the time your company is formed, or after "3 months free", at a ridiculous rate and with no chance to opt-out.

We provide an honest price up-front and that is the final price you pay. In fact, we don't save your billing information for your security and peace of mind. And we will NEVER sell your information to third-parties.

"Affordable business registration assistance."

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When you sign up for our service, a compliance specialist will promptly reach out to you to begin working. Your specialist will personally prepare your documents to your satisfaction.


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Many companies take weeks to prepare your LLC formation, and will charge you hundreds in "rush fees" for prompt service. We prepare most formation documents within one business day at no additional charge.
In a rush? No problem.

Let us know your deadline. We will help you navigate state expedite options. For the fastest turnaround, our local office can hand-deliver your filing to the Secretary of State. (This service requires an additional fee.)

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You get access to a filing specialist whose full-time job is helping businesses like yours get started and stay compliant.

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Your dedicated compliance specialist handles your formation from start to finish and you can contact him or her directly anytime.

Stay Compliant

Unlike many firms, we don't disappear after setting up your LLC. We help you learn how to run a compliant LLC.

Common Questions

An LLC is a business structure formed under state law. It has features of both corporations and partnerships. Like a corporation, it can limit your personal liability as an owner. Like a partnership, you receive pass-through taxation and have flexibility in how you will run your business. Read full article “What is an LLC?”
Liability refers to financial or legal debt. Limited liability means containing the amount of liability an owner has.

An owner who invests a certain amount in a limited liability business structure such as an LLC is only risking the amount of his or her investment. The owner is not personally responsible for debts and obligations of the business that exceed the assets of the business.

An LLC must be properly set up and run to establish and maintain the “corporate veil” that protects owners from liability.
The owners of an LLC are called members. Membership is often based on percentage. A single-owner LLC contains one member who has 100% ownership. A three member LLC might contain one owner who has a 50% share and two owners who each own a 25% share. Ownership may or may not be documented in membership certificates.

Ownership in an LLC often entitles the owner to a share of the LLC profits or losses and to a right to vote in decisions of the LLC. This governance should be defined in the LLC’s Operating Agreement.

Adding and removing owners is accomplished by purchasing or selling percentage ownership from other members. The total percentage ownership should always add up to 100%.
LLCs may be managed by the members (the owners) or by managers. When the LLC is managed by the members, the members make all management decisions. When the LLC elects to be manager-manged, the members are responsible for electing manager(s). This election often occurs as part of the annual meeting. A manager-managed LLC may elect a member to serve as a manager.

Choosing to form the LLC as manager-managed offers more flexibility. This way you can elect a member as the manager or elect a non-member manager.
By default, an LLC receives pass-through taxation. It may make a special election to be taxed as an S-Corp or C-Corp.

Most new LLCs keep pass-through taxation. Depending on the number of owners, the IRS calls this tax treatment either a "disregarded entity" or a "partnership". Either way, the business profit or loss passes-through to the owners’ personal tax returns. As an owner of the LLC, you simply list your business profits and losses on your personal income tax return. Partnerships also file an information return to the IRS reporting how the profits or losses were divided amongst members. (Shopping tip: Many tax preparers do not charge extra for including your LLC in your personal tax return!)

An LLC can elect to be taxed as an S-Corporation, which allows the owners to save money on self-employment taxes on certain portions of their income. Typically this tax election is made when the business has significant profits. Eventually, the LLC will find it beneficial to elect C-Corporation tax treatment when the savings from income splitting and deducting benefits outweigh the additional cost of corporate double taxation.
An LLC generally does not have specific annual meeting requirements or other “formalities”. LLCs are easier to run than corporations but nevertheless it is important to follow basic guidelines to keep the LLC separate from the owners.

After forming the LLC, you should have an organizational meeting of the owners and adopt an operating agreement, which documents how the LLC will be run. You should keep company records, including meeting minutes and resolutions. An annual meeting is recommended to demonstrate that you are operating the LLC as a separate entity, not as an extension of yourself.

Some states require the LLC to file an annual report along with a filing fee or franchise tax. This is required for continued authority to conduct business in that state. Keeping up with state law requirements is important to preserve the good standing of the LLC, liability protections, and to avoid government penalties (up to and including administrative dissolution of the LLC). Our compliance coaching will help you learn how to do this.
We want to support you before, during, and after you form your LLC. Please call us at 1-888-995-5895 to speak with a formation specialist.

Choosing a Business Structure

LLCs are the most popular business entity because they are inexpensive to form and easy to run. Form your LLC to legally establish your business, limit your personal liability, and gain tax flexibility.

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