Charitable Gaming in Montana

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Charitable gaming refers to bingos, raffles, and a variety of other games of chance being conducted for charitable purposes. This guide contains information about charitable gaming in Montana.

Montana Bingo, Raffle, Keno, and Poker Licenses

Game Type:

Bingo, raffles, keno, and poker.

Agency:Montana Department of Justice - Gambling Control Division
Age Restrictions:

With the exception of raffles, participants must be at least 18 years old.

Prize Limits:

The maximum bingo and keno prize for a single game is $100.

Foreign Qualification is Prerequisite:Not Set
Exam Required?Not Set
Registered Agent (Special Agency) Required?Not Set

Initial Registration

Agency:Montana Department of Justice - Gambling Control Division

Casino Night Permit Application

Agency Fee:



Casino nights may no last more than 12 consecutive hours. Within 30 days after the casino night, charities must submit a report to the division.

Renewal Not Required

Not required

Casino night permits apply to a single event, so there is no renewal.

More information: Montana Department of Justice - Gambling Control Division
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