Colorado Charitable Gift Annuity Registration

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Filling out a form on donation property

Charities are required to meet prerequisites and follow regulations before using charitable annuities for fundraising. This guide contains information about charitable gift annuities in Colorado.

Colorado Charitable Gift Annuity Registration

Not required

Charitable Gift Annuity licensure is not required on the State level in Colorado.

No filing is required, but charities need to meet certain conditions before issuing charitable gift annuities. Charities that meet the following conditions are also exempt from insurance business regulation: "(a) Meets the definition and standards contained in section 501 (m)(5) of the federal "Internal Revenue Code of 1986", as amended; (b) Contains on its face the following statement: "This annuity is not issued by an insurance company nor regulated by the Colorado division of insurance and is not protected by any state guaranty fund or protective association." (c) Is issued or guaranteed by an organization that at all times during the three years preceding the date of the issuance of such annuity: (I) Was qualified to receive contributions described in section 170 (c) of the federal "Internal Revenue Code of 1986", as amended; and (II) If required as a condition of such qualification by provisions of the federal "Internal Revenue Code of 1986", as amended, was in receipt of notification from the federal internal revenue service that such organization was so qualified.".


C.R.S. § 10-1-102 and C.R.S § 10-3-903

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