Charitable Solicitation Laws

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Quickly find the charitable solicitation law in your state. Usually, this is administered by the Attorney General or Secretary of State. If you need help filing charitable organization solicitation registration or renewal with any of these authorities, we offer turn-key compliance solutions.

State Charitable Solicitation Law
Alabama Alabama Code § 13A-9-70 et seq.
Alaska Alaska Statutes § 45.68.010 et seq. and 9 Alaska Administrative Code § 12.010
Arizona *As of September 13, 2013, nonprofits are no longer required to register thanks to House Bill 2457. Veterans' Charitable Organization solicitations are still regulated by A.R.S. § 13-3722(A).
Arkansas Arkansas Code Ann. § 4-28-401 et seq.
California California Government Code §§ 12580-12599.7; California Code of Regulations, Title 11, §§ 300-307,311,999.1
Colorado Colorado Revised Statutes §§ 6-16-101 to 6-16-104
Connecticut Connecticut General Statutes § 21a-190a et seq.
District Of Columbia District of Columbia Code Ann. § 29-301.01 et seq.
Delaware *Nonprofits are not required to register; however, disclosure requirements apply. Delaware Charitable/Fraternal Solicitation Act of 1996, DEL. CODE ANN. tit. 6 §§ 2591-97
Florida Florida Statutes § 496.402 et seq.
Georgia Georgia Code Ann. § 43-17-1 et seq.
Hawaii Hawaii Revised Statutes § 467B-A et seq.
Idaho *Idaho has a charitable solicitation law, but this does not require nonprofits to register.
Illinois 760 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 55/1 et seq.
Indiana *None. Nonprofits are not required to register.
Iowa *None. Nonprofits are not required to register.
Kansas Kansas Statutes Ann. § 17-1760 et seq.
Kentucky Kentucky Revised Statutes Ann. §§ 367.650, 367.657 et seq.
Louisiana Louisiana Revised Statutes Ann. §§ 51:1901-1902; Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 16, Part III, §515
Maine Maine Revised Statutes Ann., Title 9, Ch. 385, §§ 5001-5018
Maryland Maryland Ann. Code, Business Regulation Article, §§ 6-101 to 6-205, 6-401 et seq.
Massachusetts Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 12 §§ 8e and 8f, Ch.68 §§ 18 to 35
Michigan Michigan Compiled Laws §§ 400.271 to 400.292
Minnesota Minnesota Statutes Ann., §§ 309.50 to 309.53
Mississippi Mississippi Code Ann. §§ 79-11-501 to 79-11-511
Missouri Missouri Revised Statutes, Title XXVI, §§ 407.450 to 407.462
Montana *None. Nonprofits are not required to register.
Nebraska *None. Nonprofits are not required to register.
Nevada Nevada Revised Statues Ch. 82.382 to 82.417, Ch.598.1305
New Hampshire New Hampshire Revised Statutes Ann., Title 1, §§ 7:21 to 7:32b
New Jersey New Jersey Statutes Ann. § 45:17A-18 et seq.
New Mexico New Mexico Statutes Ann. § 57-22-1 et seq.
New York New York Executive Law, Article 7a, §§ 171-a to 177, Not-For-Profit Corporation Law § 101 et seq.
North Carolina North Carolina General Statutes §§ 131 F-2 to 131f-8
North Dakota North Dakota Century Code, Ch. 50-22
Ohio Ohio Revised Code Ann. § 1716.01 et seq., Ohio Revised Code §§ 109.23 to 109.32
Oklahoma Oklahoma Statutes Ann. §§ 18-552.1 to 18.552.6
Oregon Oregon Revised Statutes Ann., Vol. 3, § 128.610 et seq.
Pennsylvania 10 Pennsylvania Statutes, Ch. 4B, §§ 162.1 to 162.7
Rhode Island Rhode Island General Laws § 7-6-1 et seq.
South Carolina South Carolina Code Ann. § 33-56-10 et seq.
South Dakota *None. Nonprofits are not required to register.
Tennessee Tennessee Code Ann. § 48-101-501 et seq.
Texas *Texas charitable solicitation law only requires public safety charities to register.
Utah Utah Code Ann. §§ 13-22-1 to 13-22-15; Utah Administrative Code, Rule R152-22-1 to R152-22-5
Vermont *Vermont has a charitable solicitation law, but this does not require nonprofits to register.
Virginia Virginia Code Ann. §§ 57-48 to 57-61.1; Virginia Administrative Code, Title 2, §§ 5-610-10 to 5-610-40
Washington Washington Revised Code Ann. § 19.09.020 et seq.; Washington Administrative Code §§ 434-120-100 to 434-120-175
West Virginia West Virginia Code §§ 29-19-1 to 29-19-6
Wisconsin Wisconsin Statutes §§ 440.41 to 440.42; Wisconsin Administrative Code, Ch. RL 5
Wyoming *None. Nonprofits are not required to register.
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