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What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a person or business who can accept legal documents and government notifications on behalf of a business. For example, if you choose to hire our registered agent service, we will sign for official documents for your business.

What is a Registered Office?

A registered office is the physical address of the registered agent. Legal documents often require an authorized signature to document their delivery. For example, the date and time of the signature documents due process of law to initiate a lawsuit or issue a subpoena.

The PA Registered Office Requirement

The Pennsylvania Corporations Code requires all Pennsylvania LLCs, corporations, and other business entities to declare their registered office. Your business must list your chosen registered office on the incorporation or foreign registration documents you file with the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Two Options to Fulfill Your PA Registered Office Requirement

There are two options to fulfill the Pennsylvania registered office requirement.

Option A: Provide Your Own Registered Office

Your business may serve as its own registered office if it has a physical address. A P.O. Box is not allowed.

Your registered office should be open during business hours and have someone authorized to accept and sign for legal documents. Remember that a sheriff or other government official would visit this address with the expectation that someone will be available to sign for receipt of a notice of lawsuit or other document.

Some businesses decide to hire a Commercial Registered Office Provider for the other benefits it provides. For example, if your office moves, the Department of State charges $70 to update their records.

Option B: Appoint a Commercial Registered Office Provider

You may hire a company that is approved by the Department of State to act as your CROP.

Comply with the registered office requirement.
Businesses that do not meet the requirements to serve as their own registered office can fulfill the registered office requirement by electing a CROP. (15 Pa.C.S. § 109).

Protect your privacy.
Avoid receiving process servers, sheriffs, and other officials in front of your clients and employees. Maintain anonymity by having a CROP address listed on the state’s public website.

Maintain a flexible schedule and locale.
Enjoy the freedom of having flexible hours and days off while your CROP reliably stays open during business hours. If you move your office, using a CROP service avoids the $70 state fee to change your registered office.

Order Registered Agent Service

Meet the Registered Office Requirement.

We are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of State to serve as your PA Registered Office.

Our Service & Pricing

Whether you call it registered agent, registered office, or Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP), you can look forward to reliable, local, same-day mail with our service.

How It Works

When you purchase our service, you will immediately receive the information to list us on your Pennsylvania Department of State registration documents as your designated PA registered agent. We are happy to help if you need assistance with your incorporation, foreign registration, change of registered agent, or other PA Department of State forms.

The PA Department of State publishes a public record of your registered agent. As soon as they process your forms, we will start receiving official mail for your business in our capacity as your registered agent.

Every time we receive a document for you, we:

  1. Sign for your document as an authorized representative of your business
  2. Notify you via e-mail, phone, or other preferences you have requested of us
  3. Scan your document locally in our office and upload it to your Secure Client Dashboard
  4. Send you an e-mail containing a personalized secure link to your Secure Client Dashboard where you can view and download your document
  5. Track whether you have accessed your document and follow-up with you to ensure you receive timely notice of your important document

What to Expect

Reliable, Local, Same Day Document Scanning

Receive your time-sensitive documents in your Secure Client Dashboard on the same day we receive them. We scan your documents locally at our headquarters in Lancaster, PA and promptly forward them to you.

Shopping Tip

Many companies providing CROP service forward all documents to central processing facilities, which delays your receipt of time-sensitive documents by days. When you have been served with a lawsuit, you have limited time to respond so we give you same day access to your documents.

$99/YEAR. No Hidden Fees.

Our prices are competitive and we do not charge you fees every time you receive a document.

Shopping Tip

It is unfortunate that so many Commercial Registered Office Providers use deceptive pricing and charge hidden fees. They often offer a low introductory rate then raise your rate substantially. The fine print may also reveal costly mail forwarding or account maintenence fees. Do your research now and choose a CROP with transparent pricing because there is a $70 Pennsylvania Department of State fee to change your registered office later.

Immediate Service

Order online and you immediately receive the information you need to list us as your CROP for your new or existing business.

Secure Client Dashboard

We scan your sensitive mail to your personal secure online document storage with 256 bit encryption. Only you and Harbor will have access to your private document(s).

When we receive mail for you, we notify you right away by e-mail, phone, and per any other special instructions you provide. The e-mail we send you contains a link and login to your Secure Client Dashboard. View and download a scan of your document same day from your Secure Client Dashboard.

Custom Instructions

We ask for and honor your instructions on how you prefer to be notified when you receive important mail. It is important to us that we are able to quickly reach a representative of your business.

Order Registered Agent Service

Reliable, Local, Same Day Mail.

Order online and start your service immediately.

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