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Kentucky Registered Agent

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Your business must appoint a Kentucky registered agent to receive documents in legal matters, including notice of lawsuit. Our reliable registered agent service fulfills this requirement. You get:

  • Same-day documents from our local office in Richmond
  • Immediate online access to state forms with our address and, where required, our signature
  • Annual fees from $89Multi-Year Discount to $99 per state with no additional charges
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A Guide to Appointing a Registered Agent in Kentucky

Appointing a registered agent in Kentucky is among the main prerequisites to operating in the state. You can’t register or foreign qualify your organization without appointing one with the secretary of state, as the agent is necessary for receiving service of process and other official correspondence.

To help you meet the registered agent requirement, this guide will explain the following:

  • What roles your agent should fulfill
  • Who can act as your agent, and how to appoint one
  • How Harbor Compliance handles the duties of a registered agent

Responsibilities of Kentucky Registered Agents

A registered agent’s main duty is to accept service of process (subpoenas, court summons, etc.) on behalf of your organization. The agent must forward the received correspondence to you so that you can respond promptly.

Kentucky laws also require the agent to gather and maintain the following information on the represented entity:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number of the person in charge of receiving notices from the agent

Having a registered agent is among the key ongoing obligations your organization has with the Kentucky secretary of state. It’s mandated by law for all domestic and foreign entities qualified to transact in the state.

To fulfill their role, your agent must maintain a physical address in Kentucky (known as the registered office) and be available during regular business hours. Any absence exposes you to the risk of missing a court hearing after legal action is taken against you.

If you fail to appear in court, the judge will most likely resort to default judgment—a ruling made in the plaintiff’s favor as a result of your absence. This can have severe consequences on your organization, so you need a reliable agent who will ensure you never miss a notice.

Kentucky Registered Agent Requirements

According to Section 14A.4-010 of the Kentucky Statutes, your registered agent can be either of the following:

  1. An individual who resides in the state (e.g., your employee, family member, friend, or even you)
  2. A legal entity other than yours (domestic or foreign entity authorized to do business in Kentucky)

Organizations serving as registered agent are often referred to as commercial agents. They specialize in receiving and forwarding official notices and are therefore considered more reliable than a typical individual, particularly one who isn’t a professional agent.

This is because of the systems and know-how you get with a commercial provider. Unlike an individual, organizations can ensure constant availability by having someone at the registered office at all times. An individual agent can’t find a replacement if they take time off because only they can act as your point of contact with the secretary of state.

Appointing and Changing a Kentucky Registered Agent

If you’re registering your organization for the first time in Kentucky, you’ll name your registered agent in your formation filings, which depend on your business structure:

Organizations expanding from another state must appoint an agent in their foreign qualification documents—failing to do so may prevent you from obtaining your certificate of authority.

Whether you’re forming a new entity or foreign qualifying an existing one, your agent must provide their signature in the relevant section, as the appointment isn’t valid without it.

If your organization is already formed in Kentucky, but you want to change your agent, you need to submit the Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Address to the secretary of state. You can also file the change online through the secretary of state’s dedicated portal.

In case your registered agent moves, they have to notify the secretary of state through the aforementioned form. This way, they update the registered office of all represented entities, including you.

Kentucky Registered Agent Services by Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is a long-standing Registered Agent Service provider offering everything you need to stay on top of official notices:

  • A local office in Richmond, open during regular business hours
  • Same-day electronic deliveryof time-sensitive correspondence
  • Secure Client Portalfor accessing your notices and pre-filled state forms with our signatures wherever they’re necessary

By combining our nationwide presence with a rich software solution, we give you complete flexibility in managing your notices. Regardless of how many states you operate in, your correspondence will be consolidated into a centralized hub you can access wherever you have an internet connection, so you’re not tied to Kentucky if you plan on expanding beyond it.

Appointing a registered agent is only one of Kentucky’s many requirements. We offer various other services to help you meet all your regulatory obligations, as shown in the following table:

Service Overview
Comprehensive entity lifecycle management Harbor Compliance helps your organization take its first steps like reserving a name, obtaining an EIN, and filing the initial report. We also support it throughout its operations through annual report filing, amendments, license management, and many other services.
Document filing and retrieval Our Drop-off Filing service makes filing with the secretary of state quick and effortless. We can also obtain certified copies of important documents, certificates of good standing, articles of reinstatement, and other paperwork you need.
Nonprofit formation We can complete your nonprofit incorporation, charitable registration, and 501(c) tax exemption quickly and effortlessly.

Individual Registered Agents in Kentucky vs. Harbor Compliance

If you appoint an individual registered agent, you might miss out on numerous benefits of a commercial agent like Harbor Compliance, most notably:

  • Flexibility—A registered agent must reside in the represented entity’s state and have a physical address in it, so your Kentucky agent can’t receive notices from other states. By contrast, Harbor Compliance has offices in every state from which you can get notices to your Client Portal.
  • Privacy and confidentiality—Some organization leaders decide to appoint themselves or someone from their organization as a registered agent, but neither option is particularly appealing. Appointing yourself means your name and address enter the public record, while naming a team member puts you at risk of being served in front of clients. We eliminate both of these issues—our details are listed with the secretary of state, and all notices arrive at our Richmond office.
  • Security—Individual agents typically don’t protect your data with measures like strong encryption, confidentiality agreements, and cloud monitoring. These are only some of our industry-standard security protocols, so you can rest assured your data is safe and private.
  • Reliability—Your agent’s personal time off, illness, and many other situations put you at risk of missing a notice. With Harbor Compliance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone is always available to receive your notice.

How To Appoint Harbor Compliance as Your Kentucky Registered Agent Service Provider

We offer several ways to engage with us whether you are:

  1. Forming a new legal entity in Kentucky
  2. Expanding into the state
  3. Changing your existing registered agent

Registering a New Kentucky Entity

If you’re getting started in Kentucky for the first time, we’re here to support you through our Nonprofit Formation, Incorporation, or LLC Formation services. We’ll handle the entire registration process to ensure your organization can start operating as soon as possible. While completing the necessary filings, we’ll appoint Harbor Compliance as your registered agent, so you won’t need to do it manually.

Alternatively, you can choose our Registered Agent Service as a standalone option. In this case, you can appoint us in three steps:

  1. Order our Registered Agent Service.
  2. Find our address in your Client Portal.
  3. Fill out the formation paperwork and submit it to the secretary of state.

Expanding Your Organization to Kentucky

Harbor Compliance offers a fully managed approach to expanding your organization through a robust Foreign Qualification Service package that includes the following:

  • Retrieval of your certificate of good standing and certified copies as needed
  • Filing for your Kentucky certificate of authority
  • Appointment of Harbor Compliance as your agent and one year of service at no additional cost

All you need to do is complete the wizard, and we’ll take it from there.

Changing Your Agent

Even though Kentucky’s online filing platform makes it relatively easy to change your registered agent, we can make the process even more effortless.

As you order the Registered Agent Service, you’ll get an option to add the Change of Agent service before checking out. If you select it, we’ll make the change on your behalf and appoint ourselves as your new agent.

Located in nearby Richmond, KY!

How to Appoint Us as Your Kentucky Registered Agent


Appoint us as your Kentucky registered agent when you incorporate your business or form your LLC. Sign up for registered agent service and file using the state forms and instructions in your Client Portal. The forms are pre-filled and signed as required by the state.

Foreign Qualification

Appoint us as your agent when you apply for a certificate of authority to transact business in Kentucky. Sign up for Kentucky registered agent service and file using the forms and instructions in your Client Portal. The forms are pre-filled and signed as required by the state.

Change Agent

Changing your registered agent to us is easy. Sign up for Kentucky registered agent service and file using the forms and instructions in your Client Portal. The forms are pre-filled and signed as required by the state.

Book of Business

Harbor Compliance is a provider of nationwide registered agent service. We can help you consolidate your agent representation and achieve cost savings. Our specialists manage the process to change registered agents so that virtually no work is required on your part. We will complete the state filings to appoint us as your registered agent. Additionally, we can extend your subscription term so that you avoid double payment for any portion of your current contract. There’s no reason to wait. Simply contact us for consolidation and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have registered agent appointments spanning multiple states or entities, contact us today.

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Kentucky Registered Agent FAQs

You can see some of the most frequently asked questions about Kentucky registered agents below. If you need additional guidance, visit our Information Center.

Legal entities are obligated to appoint a registered agent under Kentucky’s laws, so doing it is necessary for operating in the state.

You can be your own registered agent, but note that you would have to be present at the registered office at all times during regular business hours, and your information would enter the public record.

You can do an online search for legal entities on the secretary of state’s website, and the results will show their registered agents.

You can appoint your registered agent on your formation or foreign qualification paperwork, but note that they must provide their consent and signature.

Choose Harbor Compliance as Your Kentucky Registered Agent

Harbor Compliance doesn’t only help you meet Kentucky’s registered agent requirement—we ensure you never miss an important legal or government notice. Order our Registered Agent Service today to outsource this important responsibility to a team of experts.

You can also inquire about our other services, including those you saw earlier in this guide. We’ll help you meet all the necessary regulations so that your organization can run without legal setbacks.

If you want to check whether you’re currently on top of your legal obligations, get your free Harbor Compliance Score™. Should you notice any red flags, our award-winning software can help you resolve them. Schedule a demonstration to see how it works.

To learn more about registered agent service in other U.S. states and territories, refer to the following table:

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