D.C. Registered Agent for FCC Registration

Telecommunications carriers must register with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) within 30 days of beginning to provide service. As part of the registration process, the carrier must designate a registered agent in the District of Columbia to receive official notices and documents from the FCC. Our reliable registered agent service fulfills this requirement.

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A registered agent is a business's legal appointee to receive notice of lawsuit and other legal or government notices. Federal law requires every telecommunications carrier to have a D.C. registered agent.

Who Must File Form 499-A?

The requirements apply to virtually all intrastate, interstate, and international telecommunications providers in the United States. This includes wireless, cellular, paging and messaging, dispatch, mobile radio, data, video, satellite, phone, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services, among others. Telecommunications resellers and entities that provide interstate telecommunications for a fee on a private, contractual basis are also subject to the requirements. There are very limited exceptions, as follows.

De minimis Providers: Certain entities who provide services exclusively on a non-common-carrier basis and whose contribution would be less than $10,000 (de minimis) in a given year may be exempt from filing Form 499-A and contributing to the fund. Telecommunications carriers providing services on a common carriage basis and interconnected VoIP providers that fall under the $10,000 de minimis contribution threshold may be exempt from contributing but must still file Form 499-A.

Government and Certain Nonprofit Entities: Exemptions are provided for government entities that buy bulk telecommunications services for their own use. Exemptions are also provided for public safety agencies and local government agencies that do not offer services to others. In addition, broadcasters are generally exempt from filing and contribution requirements, as are nonprofit schools, libraries, and healthcare providers.

Systems Integrators and Self-Providers: Systems integrators that derive less than 5 percent of revenue from the resale of telecommunications may be exempt from filing and contributing. Entities that provide telecommunications only to themselves or to commonly-owned affiliates may also be exempt.

Marketing Agents: Entities that market services on behalf of a telecommunications provider are generally exempt from the requirements.

How to Register With the FCC

To register with the FCC, file Form 499-A within 30 days of commencing service. Form 499-A is due annually on April 1 thereafter. There is no fee for filing the form.

Updating FCC Registrations

Carriers must update their registration with the FCC using Form 499-A whenever their contact information, agent for service of process, or FCC registration information changes.

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