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Sign Contractor Company License

If you are looking to start a sign contractor company or expand your business to new states, you need to understand state and local requirements. Learn about the registration and licensing process.

For many business owners, their company sign is the first thing new clients or customers see. Company signs are responsible for delivering a positive impression of a business. Because of that, business owners look to the industry-leading sign contractor companies for help.

Sign contractors fabricate, install, and erect electrical signs. This includes the wiring of electrical signs and non-electrical signs (such as post or pole-supported signs), signs attached to structures, painting wall signs, and modifying existing signs.

Most signage contractors have in-house design teams that work to bring clients’ ideas to life at the same facility. The most trusted sign contractor companies offer warranties and maintenance services.

How to Start a Sign Contract Company

If you plan to start a sign contractor company, you need to understand the business registration process. Start by researching government regulations for the construction industry to determine what the process will look like for you. Then, you will need to choose your business name and structure. The most common entity types for sign companies are sole proprietorships, LLCs, and corporations.

Choose a facility location that makes the most sense for your businesses. Once you have the facility, it is time to get all the required government approvals. General business applications are typically submitted at the state level, along with applicable registration fees. Depending on where you start your business, you may need to obtain additional local licensure or permits to start accepting jobs. You will also need to appoint a registered agent to receive notices of lawsuits and other legal or government notices.

If you are concerned about managing the business registration process on your own, you can seek guidance from the business licensing experts at Harbor Compliance. With our professional licensing services, we will explain all of the stages of corporate compliance and provide access to full-service support and expert software insights.

We make preparing and filing applications easy and we handle communication with government agencies on your behalf. With our software, you can track your registration status, license numbers, filing history, fees, and renewals 24/7.

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Do Sign Companies Need a Contractor License?

Whether or not you need a license to operate as a sign contractor depends on the state in which you operate. Some states leave the decision up to cities and municipalities. It is essential to check with your local government office to determine what is required of you.

Applying for a Sign Contractor License

If you do need to apply for a sign contractor license, requirements vary across state lines as well. However, most licenses require some type of education or coursework. You may be required to undergo different kinds of electrical training, safety courses, and business management classes. Most courses end with an exam that will ultimately determine if you receive your license.

Insurance Requirements

Like most areas of work in the construction industry, sign contracting has inherent dangers. In order to protect your clients, employees, and business, you need adequate insurance coverage. States that require insurance often require specific minimum coverage amounts, so you will want to verify that your chosen policy complies with any business requirements. The two most common types of required insurance include general liability and workers’ compensation.

General liability coverage helps pay expenses related to third-party injuries and property damage. If, for example, a visitor is injured at your job during a sign renovation, general liability can cover medical bills. Coverage may also be available for business property damage, customer injuries, customer property damage, libel and slander, and product liability. Depending on the size of your business, you may also want to consider commercial property insurance. If your company has fewer than 100 employees and makes less than $1 million in annual revenue, you may be able to bundle those policies for more comprehensive coverage.

Workers’ compensation coverage pays for an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an on-the-job accident. Immediate medical costs, ongoing medical costs, and partial lost wages are available to injured employees while they are unable to work. The amount you pay for workers’ compensation is based on a number of factors, including your business’s payroll, the type of work done by your employees, and your company’s claims history. Your required coverage will also depend on state laws.

Maintenance and Renewal

You will need to ensure you maintain the license’s status. State requirements vary, but renewals are often required on an annual basis. You may need to submit a renewal application, pay a renewal fee, or pursue continuing education. Complying with renewal requirements will ensure you can continue to operate your business without disruption.

Keeping on track with your business’s license renewals can be complicated, especially as a growing company. At Harbor Compliance, our Entity Manager software ensures accurate due date tracking and on-time filing. This way, your business will continue to be compliant with state and local requirements, and you will have the time you need to continue working and expanding your clientele.

Explore Licensing by State

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Meeting the sign contractor company license requirements is not always an easy process. Fortunately, Harbor Compliance License Manager helps construction professionals maintain their licenses by automating repetitive tasks such as tracking renewals. Through License Manager, you can also access Compliance Core™ - our extensive, proprietary database of nationwide licensing information - to research the requirements for the states in which you work. These tools reduce the time you spend researching state requirements and prepare your organization for success. Contact our licensing experts today to learn more Contact our licensing experts today to learn more.

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