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Asbestos Abatement Individual Certification

Learn how to become a certified asbestos abatement professional

About Certification

Almost every state requires asbestos abatement professionals to obtain a license or certification before doing abatement work. Some states, like Idaho and Kansas, do not issue certifications but require individuals to complete a training course before working with asbestos.

Asbestos abatement certificates are typically offered for the following five disciplines:

  • Worker: Conducts various asbestos abatement tasks under the direction of a certified supervisor.
  • Supervisor: Oversees asbestos workers and ensures the safe practice of abatement.
  • Project Manager: Develops project designs for asbestos abatement jobs.
  • Inspector: Conducts inspections to determine the presence and condition of asbestos materials.
  • Management Planner: Develops plans and makes recommendations regarding the removal of asbestos.

Each discipline has unique prerequisites that must be met before applying for a certificate.

Inspectors, management planners, and project managers are required to have a diploma or degree in most cases, and supervisor, project manager, management planner, and project designer disciplines all typically have an experience requirement. Individuals holding certain professional licenses, such as architects and engineers, may be exempt from these requirements.

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Getting Certified

After meeting prerequisites, candidates should take the relevant training course for their discipline. Courses are administered by accredited third parties and generally last for 2-5 days depending on the discipline. At the conclusion of the course, candidates are given an exam and must score at least 70% to pass.

Candidates can apply for an asbestos abatement certification after completion of the training course and exam. Application requirements vary by state and discipline, but common requirements include:

  • Copy of training course certificate
  • Application fee
  • Photograph of the candidate
  • Employment information
  • Education history
  • Prior enforcement actions taken against the candidate
  • Physical performed by a physician within the last 12 months

Individuals with abatement projects in multiple states may need to obtain a certification from each state in which they intend to work. Some states have reciprocal agreements to honor certificates issued in other states, but these agreements are not common.

Certification Renewal

Abatement certificates expire every year. Asbestos professionals must take a yearly refresher training course for their discipline and then apply for recertification to maintain their certificate.

Individuals who fail to renew their certificate may face enforcement actions including certificate suspension or revocation.

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