Change of Registered Agent

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Changing the provider of your registered agent service means filing paperwork to update your entity’s registration.

Businesses and nonprofits with a registered agent that no longer meets their needs may wish to change their service provider. Changing a registered agent typically involves filing a change of agent form with the Secretary of State and paying a small fee.

Although the process to change a single registered agent is relatively easy, entities changing agents in multiple states may find the process daunting.

Some states also allow entities to change their registered agent on annual report forms. Changing agents during annual report filing saves time and money, but depending on when the next due date is, this option is not always practical.

Before cancelling service with your current registered agent, it is important to hire a new agent. States require entities to maintain a registered agent at all times, and cancelling existing service without a replacement could lead to noncompliance.

Click on a link below for information on how to change registered agents in your state.

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