Alabama Nonprofit Compliance

Required annual filings

This guide covers the required filings to maintain a nonprofit corporation in Alabama. If you are looking to form nonprofit in Alabama, please visit our Start Your Alabama Nonprofit guide. The steps below apply to nonprofits that are both incorporated and foreign qualified in Alabama. Please note that this is a general list and may not be exhaustive or applicable to all nonprofits.

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1 File IRS Form 990
Agency:Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

IRS Form 990-N, 990-EZ, 990-PF or 990


See Form 990 Thresholds to determine which form to file.  Then see Current Form 990 Series for instructions.


The 15 day of the 5 month following the end of the taxable year.  For most organizations, the tax year ends December 31 so the Form 990 is due May 15.

2 File Alabama Corporate Tax Exemption Renewals

Not required

There is no renewal requirement for Alabama corporate income tax exemption.

More information: Alabama Department of Revenue
3 File Alabama Sales Tax Exemption Renewals
Agency:Alabama Department of Revenue

Most certificates are renewed annually.


The exact date of renewal is found on the current exemption certificate.

4 File Alabama Annual Report

Not required

No annual report is required for a domestic or foreign Alabama nonprofit corporation with a 501 (c) exemption. However, Alabama nonprofits must file charitable registration with the Attorney General.

5 Renew the Charitable Solicitation Registration

Alabama Charitable Organization Registration

Agency:Alabama Attorney General - Consumer Interest Division

Alabama Code § 13A-9-71 et seq.

One-Time Exemption Registration

Exemption Eligible Organizations:
  • Charities that do not intent to solicit and receive and do not actually receive more than $25,000 in contributions during a fical year and do not use professional fundraisers
  • Most educational organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Civic organizations
  • Appeals for individuals that raise $10,000 or less
Filing method:


Agency fee:



Exemptions do not expire as long as the organization continues to qualify under the exemption criteria.

Initial Registration


Charitable Organization Registration Form

Filing method:

Mail or online.

Agency fee:


  • Note the list of attachments required.
  • The CFO and the president / other authorized officer must sign. The signatures must be notarized.
  • Some Alabama counties and municipalities may require charities that solicit in-person to register prior to fundraising.

Registration Renewal


Charitable Organization Renewal Form

Filing method:

Mail or online.

Agency fee:



Renewal is due annually within 90 days after the close or your organization's fiscal year. So if your fiscal year ends December 31, then the report is due March 31. 

  • On the state form, check the "update" box
  • For most organizations, plan to have your IRS Form 990 available early or filing an extension with the Attorney General.
  • The CFO and the president / other authorized officer must sign. The signatures must be notarized.
  • The organization must also notify the Attorney General throughout the year within 90 days of any change in the information.

  • If you want to discontinue your registration, file Charitable Organization Notice of Non-Renewal.

Change of Fiscal Year

Agency fee:



1-2 business days


Email Emily Nichols at to update fiscal year.

6Maintain a Alabama Registered Agent

Maintain a registered agent that has a street address in Alabama. The registered agent is responsible for receiving legal documents such as service of process. Appointing a registered agent service is often preferable to listing an officer or director, as their information often changes. Consider using our registered agent service in Dothan , AL to maintain compliance with the state requirement.

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