Real Estate Broker Licensing Compliance Guide
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Nevada Real Estate License

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Licensing requirements for Nevada brokerage firms.

A business entity offering real estate brokerage services to the public typically must register with the real estate commission before conducting business activity. For assistance with licensing, please contact us to learn about our software and managed license services.

Company Licenses

Nevada Real Estate Company Licenses

Nevada Real Estate Broker

Agency:Nevada Department of Business and Industry - Real Estate Division

Nevada Real Estate Broker License

Not required

Real Estate Brokerage licensure is not required on the State level in Nevada.

Nevada does not issue separate firm licenses, but individual brokers must include business information as a part of their application.

More information: Nevada Department of Business and Industry - Real Estate Division

Initial Registration

Individual Licenses

Nevada Individual Real Estate Licenses

Nevada Real Estate Broker License

Agency:Nevada Department of Business and Industry - Real Estate Division

Initial Registration

Reciprocal Registration


Agency Fee:


Registration Renewal


Filing Method:

Online, In Person, or Mail


Original real estate licenses are due one year after issuance on the last day of the month during which the license was obtained. 

Subsequent renewals are biennial.

Learn about real estate licensing in other states:

Associate Broker - Associate brokers are qualified to work independently as a broker, but choose to work under the authority of a designated broker.

On-Site Manager - A broker or salesperson who oversees the operations of a branch office under the authority of the designated broker.

Qualifying Broker/Designated Broker - An experienced and licensed real estate broker responsible for management and operation of a real estate firm.

Real Estate - Land, buildings, and their permanent improvements and fixtures. Also called "real property" in contrast to personal property.

Real Estate Agent - This term refers generally to any licensed real estate professional.

Reciprocity - Reciprocity makes it easier for out-of-state real estate firms to gain approval to operate in a foreign state by streamlining some licensing requirements.

Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO)
Offers a license verification database accross 43 jurisdictions.

NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association Agencies
Aid education, research, and advocacy efforts in the real estate industry.

National Association of Realtors
Real estate trade organization that provides information and resources for development of the real estate industry.

Urban Land Institute
Research and education association concerned with responsible land use and creating sustainable communities.

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