Colorado Business License

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General Business License Requirements for Colorado.

Business licenses are often required of business entities, regardless of their products and services. This page provides an overview of business license requirements in Colorado.

Colorado General Business Licenses

Colorado Business License

Not required

General Business License licensure is not required on the State level in Colorado.

Colorado does not have a general business license at the state level, but local licenses are often required.

Local General Business Licenses

Aurora Business License

Registration Renewal



Agency Fee:

$43.00  for most businesses. Application Fee: $17.00 and Initial License Fee/Renewal License Fee: $26.00

  • No fees will be owed from 501(c)3 charitable organizations, government entities or homeowners associations.
  • Business license fees are not owed if a supplemental or liquor license is requested or for businesses demonstrating valid Aurora contractors or arborists licenses.
  • Business licensing fees will not be collected from businesses who are not engaged in business in Aurora which generally means having no employees or property (delivery trucks, contractors, land, leased items, etcetera) entering the city. 

20 days


Every two years on the anniversary of the date of issuance


The resulting business license is the company’s authorization to conduct business in Aurora. It also establishes the required sales, use, Occupational Privilege (OPT) and/or Lodger's tax filing roles and allows the business access to a variety of city services including online filing options.

City of Lakewood Business License

Agency:City of Lakewood City Clerk's Office (CO)

Initial Registration

Filing Method:


Agency Fee:


Renewal Not Required

Not required

Renewal is not required for this license.

The Town of Windsor requires all businesses maintaining or engaging in business, including service-oriented businesses, within the Town of Windsor to obtain an Annual Business License to conduct business in the Town of Windsor.

Windsor General Business License

Agency:Town of Windsor Economic Development (CO)
Foreign Qualification is Prerequisite:No
Registered Agent (Special Agency) Required?No

Registration Renewal


30 days prior to the license expiration date.


A renewal notice will be sent  one month prior to the expiration month of this license. The expiration of this license does not automatically close the license and is not automatically renewed.

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