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Apostilles and certifications

How it Works

About apostilles and certifications

States generally issue two types of authentications of public documents: apostilles and certifications. Apostilles are used by countries participating in the Hague Convention. Certifications are used by countries that do not participate.

For a list of the countries that accept apostilles, please visit the Status Table provided by the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

Processing time

When you order your apostille through us, we can expedite your document to your needs. Our local representatives can pick up your apostille at the state office.

Do I need a certified or notarized copy of the document before I can obtain an apostille?

Typically, yes. The state will issue the apostille or certifiation only upon an original certified or notarized document. Please contact us if you also need help with obtaining a certified copy of your company record(s) from the state, as we offer document retrieval service as well.

State Information

If you want more information about apostilles or certifications in your state, click the link below.

For Apostilles:

For Certifications:

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