Obtain a Certificate of Withdrawal or Cancellation

Withdrawing a business or nonprofit terminates your entity’s legal registration in that state

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Withdrawing your entity’s legal registration is an important part of closing down operations in a foreign state. Leaving a registration open can require your entity to continue to file annual reports, pay franchise taxes, and file other tax returns.

Certificate of withdrawal applications are typically filed with the Secretary of State. In addition to an application, most states require entities to be in good-standing prior to withdrawal, and some states require a department of revenue issued certificate of tax clearance.

Our service assists by preparing and filing the withdrawal application. If you need help filing for a tax clearance certificate or filing overdue annual reports, we can do this for you as well for an added fee. We manage the process of obtaining approval from the Secretary of State for you for your peace of mind.

Click on a link below for information on how to withdraw your entity’s foreign registration.