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Licensing requirements for Oklahoma employment, staffing and talent agencies.

This page provides an overview of employment services licensing in Oklahoma for individuals and agencies. You will find state requirements, application fees, filing instructions, and more. For assistance with licensing, please contact us to learn about our software and managed license services.

Companies that provide employment services in Oklahoma must apply for a license prior to doing business. Depending on the services offered, businesses may need to apply for more than one license type, and in some cases, an individual license will be required as well.

Company Licenses

Oklahoma Employment Services Company Licenses

Companies acting as employment agencies in Oklahoma must obtain the following licenses before offering employment services. Applications usually require proof of incorporation or a certificate of authority.

Oklahoma Employment Agency License

Agency:Oklahoma Office of the Department of Labor

Initial Registration

This section applies to firms that are applying for a license in Oklahoma for the first time.



Agency fee:


Registration Renewal

This section applies to firms that are already licensed in Oklahoma and need to renew their license.



Agency fee:




In addition to employment agency licenses, some states also offers a license specific to talent agencies. Applications usually require proof of incorporation, and out of state employment firms must qualify as foreign entities with the secretary of state prior to obtaining a license.

Oklahoma Professional Employer Organization License

Agency:Oklahoma Insurance Department - Financial Division

Oklahoma Talent Agency License

Agency:Oklahoma Office of the Department of Labor

Oklahoma does not have a separate talent agency license, but an employment agency license may be required.

Employee Leasing Company - Enter into leasing contracts with other businesses that require labor. The leasing company loans its workers to the lessee while still providing specified responsibilities, such as workers compensation insurance, to the employees. This includes long term (6 months or more) temporary arrangements but often excludes temporary help arrangements. Unlike professional employer organizations, employee leasing companies are contracted when an employer needs to hire staff and does not want to handle human resources responsibilities.

Employment Agency - An entity that, for compensation, procures or attempts to procure employment for a person.

Professional Employer Organization - PEOs take on the human resources role for businesses and act as a co-employer in the sense that the client company's workers are administratively employees of the PEO but functionally these employees are controlled by the client company. Unlike employee leasing companies, PEOs are contracted when an employer already has staff and does not want to handle human resources responsibilities.

Staffing Agency - An entity that procures temporary or part-time employment for a person who then works under the supervision of a worksite employer.

Talent Agency - An entity that, for compensation, procures or attempts to procure employment or placement for an artist. (Certain art forms are excluded)

American Staffing Association
Staffing, recruiting, and workforce solution industry advocacy group.

National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)
Education and training oriented association for personnel services providers.

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)
Provides advocacy efforts, information, and other services to members of the employment industry.

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