Statement of Domestication

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Filing a statement of domestication changes the home state of your business or nonprofit. Entities that change domicile via domestication continuously exist throughout the process, although tax and reporting requirements will likely change.

The method of changing home states varies depending on the states involved in the transaction, as not all states accept statements of domestication. In states that do not provide domestication forms, the process of switching an entity’s domicile may involve more steps.

This guide is currently being updated. Please consult the table below for details about domestication in select states, or contact us for additional information.

Acquisition - When one company purchases ownership of another company.

Consolidation - Occurs when two or more companies merge and a new entity is formed as a result. (Some states now classify consolidations as mergers for filings purposes.)

Merger - When two or more companies combine and one of the companies becomes the surviving entity.