Amend your Corporation or LLC

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  • Update your business information with the state, including the name, address, and management.
  • We prepare your amendment to your exact standards and file with the state.
  • Expedited options available, including hand-delivery to the state. You receive your confirmation by email.

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Common Questions

When do I need to file an amendment?

As your business grows and company information changes, you may need to amend your corporate or LLC information on file with the state. Changing the legal name, business address, or management are common reasons to submit an amendment.

Where is the amendment files

Amendments are typically filed in the state of formation. However, if your business is registered in other states, you may need to amend in multiple states. Please contact us to learn how we can help you.

How do you help?

You are assigned a specialist who prepares and files the necessary forms to complete the amendment. Your specialist answers questions and helps you get your amendment approved quickly and accurately.

When can I amend my corporation or LLC?

Amendments can be filed at any time, though the entity must be in good standing with the state. If you need assistance reinstating your business to good standing, please visit our reinstatement page.

How We Can Help

We make amending your corporation or LLC simple. A dedicated filing specialist contacts you within one business day to get started. Your specialist prepares your amendment to your exact standards and files with the state. We expedite your filing as necessary to meet your deadline. When your amendment is approved, we email you confirmation.

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State Information

If you want more information about amendments in your state, click the link below.

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