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We update your business information with the state, including the name, address, and management. We prepare and file articles of amendment on your behalf, expedite your order as requested, and return evidence of approval.

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Education About How To Amend your Corporation, LLC, or Nonprofit

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Most businesses and nonprofits undergo a number of changes throughout the life of their entity. When the time comes to make a change, it is important to update your entity’s legal registration to reflect these changes.

Changing the name of an entity or changing the address of an entity are the most common reasons for amending a registration, but filing an amendment may also be required when the ownership structure or officers of an entity change.

Amendments are typically filed in the state of formation, however, entities with a registration in multiple states may need to amend registrations in multiple jurisdictions. Amendment applications usually vary by entity type and sometimes vary by the type of information being amended.

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Common Questions

When do I need to file an amendment?

As your business or nonprofit grows and company information changes, you may need to amend your entity’s information on file with the state. Changing the legal name, business address, or management are common reasons to submit an amendment.

Where is the amendment filed?

Amendments are typically filed in the state of formation. However, if your business is registered in other states, you may need to amend in multiple states.

When can I amend my corporation or LLC?

Amendments can be filed at any time, though the entity must be in good standing with the state. If you need assistance reinstating your business to good standing, please visit our reinstatement page.