PA Docketing Statement

This article was last fact checked August 2, 2013.

The PA Docketing Statement is a supplemental form most often filed when creating a new business entity (such as an LLC or corporation) in in Pennsylvania. The PA Docketing Statement is like a cover sheet that should be included in your submission package when you file with the PA Department of State.

“A filing may be rejected if a required docketing statement is not accurately and fully completed.”

PA Code §13.12.b

Please locate the appropriate template and follow the instructions below.

Template Link
New Entity PA Docketing Statement template
Changes to PA Docketing Statement template

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How to File a New Entity PA Docketing Statement

Check proper box

Check the box to indicate either the applicable Pennsylvania (domestic) or foreign entity type. If foreign, provide the state/country of domicile and formation date. Under “other” check any that apply: domestication of a foreign entity, division of entities, or consolidation of multiple entities.

Entity Name

Provide the exact legal name of your entity including punctuation. Do not use a trade name as opposed to a legal name.

Individual name and mailing address responsible for initial tax reports

Type the name and address of the desired recipient of initial tax reports from the PA Department of Revenue. Some business owners opt to have these sent directly to their accountant. It is a common mistake to use the registered agent address, but this will unnecessarily delay your receipt of tax documents and does not abide by the terms of proper use of address in many registered agent service agreements.

Description of business activity

Your formation documents already state a “corporate purpose” (or equivalent). Simply copy or summarize your business activity.

Specified date, if any

Here is where you would list a future effective date of filing, if desired. Times are in ET.

EIN, if any

Most businesses will obtain an EIN after formation so this field will not apply. You should not obtain an EIN until your business name is finalized via state approval of your formation documents. Businesses that have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) should provide it to assist with location and tracking of your company record. Please note that your business will be responsible for providing your EIN to the PA Department of Revenue once it is issued.

Fiscal Year End

Most businesses choose to conclude their fiscal year on December 31st in line with the calendar year and their personal income tax returns. Provide an alternate fiscal year end if desired.

Fictitious Name (only if a foreign corporation is transacting business in PA under a fictitious name)

As just stated, only provide your registered PA fictitious name (with exact punctuation) if you are a foreign corporation using this name to transact business in PA.

How to File PA Docketing Statement Changes

Prepare and file this form if you need to make changes to a PA docketing statement on record. Complete Part I and Part II Sections A-H as they apply:

Complete Section A
Complete Section C
Complete Section A & E
Complete Section H
Dissolution before commencement of business
Complete Section F
Merger, Consolidation, or Division
Complete Section B, C, or D
Complete Section D
Complete Section A
Complete Section G