REV-72: Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption

Putting money in a piggy bank.

We prepare and file your nonprofit organization’s Pennsylvania REV-72 Form to apply for sales tax exemption.

  • Save 6-8% sales tax on purchases with your exemption.
  • Get experienced help on qualifying.
  • Unlike attorneys who bill by the hour, our service costs one up-front flat fee of $249.

Form PA REV-72 is the application for charitable organizations to gain an exemption from paying Pennsylvania sales and use tax. If approved, your organization will receive a sales tax exemption number which is good for 5 years.

How it Works

Contact us to order.

We prepare and file your PA Form REV-72.

Receive your determination and sales tax exemption number in 2-4 weeks.

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Does Your Organization Qualify?

If your organization meets the following guidelines, we believe it is worth applying for sales tax exemption with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

1.) Charitable Organizations Only
PA REV-72 is intended for charitable, religious, nonprofit, volunteer fire, and volunteer ambulance organizations.
2.) Not for personal gain
The governing document of your organization must state (or we can help you amend it to state) “[The organization prohibits] the use of any surplus funds for private inurement to any person in the event of a sale or dissolution of the institution.”
3.) Purchases are for use of the organization
Purchases are meant to be used by your organization. Office supplies, food and drink, fundraising supplies, utilities, and furniture are all great examples of appropriate purchases your organization may consume tax-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pennsylvania Sales Tax?

The Pennsylvania sales tax rate is 6% on taxable goods and services. Purchases made in or for use in Allegheny County are subject to an additional 1% local sales tax. Purchases made in or for use in Philadelphia are subject to an additional 2% local sales tax.

What is Pennsylvania Use Tax?

Pennsylvania use tax is the self-regulated version of sales tax. When the seller does not appropriately charge your organization for sales tax, you are responsible for calculating and remitting to the government the sales tax due. This can happen when your organization purchases over the internet, through toll-free numbers, from mail order catalogs, and from out-of-state locations. The Pennsylvania use tax rules are the same as the sales tax rules - the same definition of taxable items and the same tax rates apply. Your Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption will also avoid these tax obligations.

How do I use my Pennsylvania sales tax exemption?

When making purchases, vendors will ask for your sales tax exemption number and signature on Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate (PA REV-1220) and/or Exempt Organization Declaration of Sales Tax Exemption (PA REV-1715).