Online Donation Form Optimization: What to Keep and What to Ditch

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Any nonprofit wishing to be successful in this digital age must incorporate online initiatives into its fundraising strategy — and that means relying on online donation software.

You’ve probably come across numerous online donation tools on various nonprofit websites, so … Read more >>

The Four S’s to Successful Nonprofit Marketing

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A post by Marcy Ogborn, Content Manager for GiveGab. 

What constitutes as effective communication and marketing for nonprofit organizations is continually changing, but there are certain strategies you can implement that are timeless. By following the 4 S’s of successful … Read more >>

Free White Paper: Business Licensing Compliance

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Business licenses allow your business to operate legally.  

Without complete and up-to-date licenses, your business can face fines, closures, delays, and other penalties. While core to running a successful business, compliance with over 150,000 federal, state, and local licensing agencies … Read more >>