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We are a service company that can help you file with the Idaho Secretary of State. We are not associated with this nor any other government agency. We offer paid services and software to help you file. You are not required to purchase our service to file - you may file directly with this agency without using our service.

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Corporate Filings

We track the following filings with the Idaho Secretary of State in order to provide compliance services to our clients. We share this reference information with the general public as a courtesy. As a registered agent client, you get access to state templates pre-filled with our company information to help you save time looking up information.

Annual Report

Agency:Idaho Secretary of State
Filing Method:


Agency Fee:



  • Annually by the last day of registration anniversary month. If you incorporated or foreign-qualified on March 15, then your annual report is due by March 31.
  • Reports may be filed during the month prior to the month the due date falls in.

Idaho Statutes § 30-21-213.

  • No annual report need be filed during the first year after a corporation is incorporated or authorized to transact business in this state.

Foreign Registration

Agency:Idaho Secretary of State

Foreign Registration Statement (Business Corporation)

Filing Method:


Agency Fee:



ID Code § 30-21-502

Original Ink:Not required
Notarize:Not required
Certified Copy Requirement:

Certified copies not required.

Certificate of Good Standing Requirement:

Certificate of existence, or certificate of good standing, dated within 90 days.

Assumed Business Name

Filing Method:


Agency Fee:



7-10 days.

Is registration mandatory?:

Filing an assumed business name certificate is required for any person intending to conduct business under an assumed name. Corporations, LLCs, and other formally organized entities need to file when they use a name other than their true name.

County Level Filing:

Filing an assumed business name at the county level is no longer required.

Does registration prevent others from using the name I choose?:

Registration of an assumed name does not confer ownership rights.

  • Assumed names must be distinguishable from organized business entity names recorded with the secretary of state.
  • Publication of registration is not required in Idaho.

Certificate of Existence

Agency:Idaho Secretary of State
Filing Method:


Agency Fee:


Statement of Merger

Agency:Idaho Secretary of State

The state does not issue a form for mergers.

Agency Fee:



Use the statutory instructions to create a draft of merger documents, then file these documents along with the required fee.

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