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This guide on starting your business in Nevada provides step-by-step instructions on the paperwork to file formation documents, obtain tax IDs, and set up company records.

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Step-By-Step Startup

Below is an overview of the paperwork, cost, and time to form each of the most popular business structures. Simply click on the link for your desired structure to view detailed step-by-step instructions.

  • If you have not decided whether you want to form an LLC, corporation, or other business structure, click here.
  • If wish to form your business in a different state than Nevada, click here.
Structure Paperwork Cost Time

Nevada Limited Liability Company

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  • Articles of Organization Packet
  • Operating Agreement
  • IRS Form SS-4: Obtain an EIN
  • Form APP-01.00 - Nevada Business Registration or online at the Nevada Tax Center
  • LLC Formation: $75
  • Initial report and business license: $125 filing fee + $200 business license fee
  • Optional $125 expedite fee.
  • Formation: ~1 week by mail. 24 hours for $125 expedite fee. File online immediately.

Nevada Corporation

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  • Form 668: Domestic (Nevada) Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment by Registered Agent
  • Initial/Annual List of Officers and Directors - Profit Corporation
  • Bylaws
  • IRS Form SS-4: Obtain an EIN
  • Form 2553: S-Corp Election, if desired
  • Form APP-01.00 - Nevada Business Registration
  • Incorporation: $75 for $75,000 authorized shares or less + optional $125 expedite fee
  • Initial List: Based on the value of the authorized stock, minimum is $75 for $75,000 valuation.
  • Incorporation: Immediately online. ~1 week by mail. 24 hours for $125 expedite fee.

Nevada Nonprofit

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  • Nonprofit Corporation Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment by Registered Agent
  • Initial/Annual List of Officers and Directors
  • Nevada State Business License Application (or Exemption)
  • Nevada Charitable Solicitation Registration, if required
  • Bylaws
  • IRS Form SS-4: Apply for EIN
  • IRS Form 1023: Application for 501(c)(3) Exemption
  • IRS Determination Letter
  • Form APP-01.00: Nevada Common Business Registration
  • Form APP-02.01: Application for Sales/Use Tax Exemption for Charitable/Religious/Educational Organizations
  • URS Charitable Registration, if applicable
  • Nevada Nonprofit Corporation Registration Information (Campaigns), if required
  • Incorporation: $50 + optional $125-$1,000 expedite fee
  • Initial list: $50
  • Nevada business license: $200 ($0 if exempt)
  • 501(c): $275 or $600 IRS fee
  • Incorporation: Immediately online
  • 501(c): 2 weeks to 3 months

Top 5 Tips on Registering a Business in Nevada

  1. As soon as you're done filing formation documents in Nevada, it's time to file your initial report and business license. This second round of state filings is more expensive than the first, so take heed of the total cost before getting started. Keep reading and we'll explain the total cost and steps to take.
  2. Both LLCs and corporations must appoint a registered agent. Your registered agent must sign your formation documents.
  3. Get your EIN before attempting to register with the Nevada Department of Taxation. Both the Nevada Business Registration and the Supplemental Application must be completed.
  4. All officers of a corporation must be natural persons (not businesses). Every corporation must have a president, a secretary and a treasurer, or the equivalent thereof. Any natural person may hold two or more offices.
  5. Corporations and LLCs must file an annual list (called in annual report in other states) with the Nevada Secretary of State. This report includes the annual state business license renewal.