Webinar: How to License Your Company In Your Home State and Beyond

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Posted on March 26, 2018 by Reagan Lehman in Business Compliance.

In regulated industries, where licenses are required to practice, companies have many layers of regulation to manage. There are corporate filings and registrations with the secretary of state, which are required to maintain good standing. Then there are professional licenses, which allow individuals to practice in one or more states. And then there are company licenses issued by professional boards in each state, which authorize companies to provide regulated services.

Since every state regulates a different set of professions through its own licensing boards, managing these multiple layers of licensing can be challenging. To make the job easier, we’ve produced a new webinar, License to Succeed: A Guide for Companies in Regulated Industries.

License To Succeed breaks down state requirements to show how these three layers of licensing interact at important milestones in a business’s growth such as:

  • Forming a new entity
  • Entering new states
  • Adding new lines of services
  • Managing staff turnover
  • Opening new branch offices
  • Withdrawing from states where you’re no longer active

You can register here.

Participants will come away from the hour with tools and strategies for managing business licenses to drive profitability and efficiency. Harbor Compliance Account Executive Christian Haring  will host.

“I would urge CEOs, CFOs, general counsel, and others charged with managing business licensing to join us for this free webinar,” Christian said. “Participants will learn how to simplify and speed through the licensing process with precision, certainty, and total compliance.”

Christian invites business leaders who have questions about any aspect of business licensing and compliance to get in touch or call 1-888-995-5895.

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