License to Succeed Webinar

When we talk about licensure, professionals in regulated industries tend to think in terms of their individual licenses. In fact, many practitioners are unaware of the license requirements that apply to their businesses at the company or firm level.

Yet in industries where a $150 company license can unlock millions in opportunities, how businesses manage licensing at critical milestones in their development has a major impact on profitability, growth, and competitive abilities.

This webinar will provide the strategies and tools you need to successfully manage business licensing through key challenges and milestones.

Some of the regulated industries we’ll cover include architecture, construction, employment, energy, engineering, insurance, land surveying, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and transportation.

Key Webinar Topics:

  • Forming and growing in your home state
  • Expanding into new states
  • Building revenues through new lines of business
  • Navigating staff turnover and other changes
  • Closing operations in a state
  • Costs of license gaps and errors
  • Tips for avoiding citations and penalties

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