North Dakota Articles of Organization

Articles of organization form your North Dakota LLC.

Preparing and filing your articles of organization is the first step in starting your limited liability company (LLC). Approval of this document secures your business name and creates the legal entity of the LLC. Only after this approval can you obtain a Federal Tax ID (EIN), open a bank account, sign contracts, and otherwise conduct business.


Incorporating provides many important benefits:

  • Limits the liability of the members (owners) and managers
  • Fulfills statutory requirements to register your business name
  • Adds credibility

Fast Facts

Agency:North Dakota Secretary of State

LLC Articles of Organization (SFN 58701)

Filing Method:

Online only.

Agency Fee:



~30 days. No expedite options available.


N.D.C.C. c10-32 Limited Liability Company Act


Formation requirements differ for Farming LLCs and Professional LLCs.

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