Oregon State Board of Pharmacy

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We are a service company that can help you file with the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy. We are not associated with this nor any other government agency. We offer a paid service to help you file. You are not required to purchase our service to file - you may file directly with this agency without using our service. Here is their contact information:

Oregon State Board of Pharmacy
Phone: 971-673-0001
Fax: 971-673-0002
Email: pharmacy.board@state.or.us

Filing Services We Offer

We make it easy for your business or nonprofit stay compliant with licensing requirements. Below is a selection of the filing services we offer with this agency.

Oregon (Pharmacy Technician Initial License Application) for a Individual

Oregon (Application for Licensure - NAPLEX)


The following licenses can be filed with the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy.

  • Oregon Pharmacist License
  • Oregon Animal Euthanasia Registration
  • Oregon Automated Pharmacy System License
  • Oregon Central Fill Drug Outlet and Remote Processing Drug Outlet License
  • Oregon Certified Pharmacy Technician License
  • Oregon Charitable Pharmacy Drug Outlet Registration
  • Oregon Community Health Clinic Registration
  • Oregon Consulting or Drugless Pharmacy License
  • Oregon Controlled Substance Registration
  • Oregon Correctional Facility Drug Outlet Registration
  • Oregon Dispensing Practitioner Drug Outlet Registration
  • Oregon Drug Distribution Agent Registration
  • Oregon Home Dialysis Drug Outlet Registration
  • Oregon Hospital Drug Room Registration
  • Oregon Manufacturer Registration
  • Oregon Nonprescription Drug Outlet Registration - Class A
  • Oregon Nonprescription Drug Outlet Registration - Class C (Medical Device, Equipment & Gas Drug Outlet)
  • Oregon Nonprescription Drug Outlet Registration - Class D
  • Oregon Pharmacy Intern License
  • Oregon Pharmacy Technician License
  • Oregon Remote Dispensing Facility License
  • Oregon Retail or Institutional Drug Outlet License
  • Oregon Schedule II Precursor Registration
  • Oregon Supervising Physician Dispensing Drug Outlet Registration
  • Oregon Wholesaler or Manufacturer of Prophylactics and Contraceptives Registration
  • Oregon Wholesaler Registration - Class I (With Prescription)
  • Oregon Wholesaler Registration - Class II (Non-Prescription)
  • Oregon Wholesaler Registration - Class III

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