How to File IRS Form 8832: C-Corp Election

IRS Form 8832 is used to elect classification for federal tax purposes. It is most often used by an LLC wishing to be taxed as a C-Corp.


IRS Form 8832 is also known as "Entity Classification Election". The IRS offers three tax classification "entities" to businesses: a corporation (C-Corp tax election), a partnership, or an entity disregarded as separate from its owner. This form is used to elect a new tax classification "entity".

If your business is an LLC with multiple owners, then it is classified as a partnership by default. You can use Form 8832 to elect to be taxed as a C-Corp. If you want the LLC to be taxed as an S-Corp, see Form 2553.

If your business is a corporation, then it is taxed as C-Corp by default. You do not need to file Form 8832.

How to File

To elect C-Corp treatment:

Submit to:
Internal Revenue Service
Form 8832: Entity Classification Election
Guidance: - Information on Form 8832
Filing Method:
Mail or fax
~7 hours (IRS estimate)
Within 60 days
You will receive acknowledgment and approval from the IRS. If not, follow-up with the Service Center where Form 8832 was filed.

When you file with the IRS, your election only applies to federal taxes. To obtain C-Corp tax treatment for state taxes, you may need to file additional documents with your state department of revenue or other taxation authority.

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