Nonprofit Formation

We prepare the documentation and applications to establish all types of 501(c) nonprofits. Our nonprofit specialists navigate complex IRS and state requirements so you can quickly receive your 501(c) approval and keep your organization in compliance.

Nonprofit Filings and Compliance

Our customized Compliance Solutions are designed to help you proactively maintain your 501(c) tax exemption andcorporate good standing. Look to us to manage your state level registrations and registered agents.

Business Formation

We provide state and IRS filing services to establish a new business. Whether you are incorporating a C-Corp or S-Corp, forming an LLC or partnership, or simply registering a DBA name, we complete each step in the formation process.

Corporate Filings and Compliance

We can assist you with corporate filings that become necessary at various stages of your business. Our customized Compliance Solutions are designed to help you proactively manage your business.

Business Licensing

Our business license services span all industries. We help you manage your initial and renewal applications to avoid penalties and stay compliant.

Document Retrieval

Obtain your Secretary of State corporate documents. We offer expedited processing through our local offices to meet your deadlines.

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It's awesome to know that Harbor Compliance is looking out for my customers' best interests and will only do what's right for them.
Our firm found Harbor Compliance to be invaluable in walking us through the process of becoming registered to do business in several states. It is well worth the fee – it would have taken us weeks or months to figure out all the paperwork involved!
LorrainePartners for Architecture, Inc.
An EXCELLENT experience. I am self-employed and now starting a ministry. My need was to have a non-profit ministry in NC with 501C3 status. Harbor Compliance accomplished this in lightening speed. A previous attorney had suggested that I skip the 501C3 due to the time and intensive paperwork involved. Yet, Harbor Business Compliance accomplished this with only a few questions from me. Without a doubt, using Harbor Compliance was less expensive than hiring an attorney, and less stressful than doing it myself. I'm confident in saying, "You won't regret hiring Harbor Compliance."
BrendaKid's Mobile Ministry
From filing the 1023EZ on August 1st to receipt of the determination letter on August 14th is, in my humble opinion, simply breathtaking and I dare say, ONLY Harbor Compliance could have achieved that. I say this with confidence, as your competitor doesn’t take the time, make the effort, put customers first or give kind consideration to an organization’s needs before their own. While Harbor Compliance was selfless in its determination to help, your competitor was selfish in dealing with its own needs. I could always get someone at Harbor, and rarely reached anyone at the competitor. You, I have to say, have a winning formula and a sound business practice.
Dr. Bob A.Reform It Now, Inc.

Additional Services

  • Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  • State Tax IDs
  • State Tax Exemptions
  • Publishing
  • Expedite / drop-off services
  • Entity name search / reservation
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