Arkansas Tax Exemption

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Arkansas Nonprofit Tax Exemption

In many states, nonprofit organizations must apply with the state tax authority in order to become exempt from corporate income and franchise taxes. Receiving an IRS determination letter does not mean nonprofits are automatically exempt from state taxes. Instead, nonprofits must apply for state tax exemption separately from applying for a 501(c) tax exemption with the IRS.

The landscape of state tax exemption is complicated, as each state has different taxes and exemption requirements. Whether your nonprofit operates in one or multiple states, obtaining exemptions from income, franchise, sales, and use taxes can consume a great deal of a nonprofit’s staff time and financial resources.

Harbor Compliance can help your nonprofit become tax exempt in Arkansas and other states as needed. A nonprofit specialist will work with you throughout the entire process and prepare your applications. Let us simplify your state filings so you can remain focused on your mission.

How does a nonprofit apply for tax exemptions in Arkansas?

To file to obtain exemption from state income tax:

Agency:Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

Form AR1023CT: Application for Income Tax Exempt Status


Agency Fee:



Apply by submitting a copy of the IRS Determination Letter, the first two pages of IRS Form 1023, and a statement declaring exemption under ACA 26-51-303 or ACA 26-51-309. Organizations without an IRS Determination Letter should submit Form AR1023CT, a copy of the articles of incorporation, and a copy of the bylaws.

How long does it take to become tax exempt?

You should budget approximately three months for your tax exemption application to be processed. Any missing information will result in a delay or outright rejection. Our specialists will prepare your tax exemption application to the state’s exacting standards, allowing your application to be approved quickly.

Unrelated Business Income (UBI)

In theory, nonprofits raise money that is used exclusively to further their charitable purpose, as stated in purpose statement. In practice, organizations sometimes receive unrelated business income (UBI) as part of their daily operations. In many states, your organization may be liable for taxes on this UBI (or the entire amount of your income), and submit related filings. If you have accounting questions, about UBI or otherwise, contact your accounting professional for assistance.

How we help

Contact us today and let us know in which states your organization is looking to ensure tax exemption. We will prepare and file all your state applications so that you can focus on other activities central to your nonprofit's mission.

Nonprofit Sales Tax Exemption Service

Contact us to discuss your tax exemption needs. We prepare and file your applications for you!

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