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Forming a nonprofit is complex.
Harbor Compliance makes it easy.

Fast-track your organization’s success with our proven nonprofit formation services. Your Nonprofit Compliance Specialist manages the entire process, eliminating hours spent researching and preparing state and IRS applications. You simply review and sign the documents your Specialist prepares. We handle the rest!

Harbor Compliance had our 501(c)(3) determination letter in our hands eight calendar days before your competitor had scheduled our initial consultation ... To say Harbor Compliance is impressive is an understatement. Everyone there has been helpful, kind, courteous, and without any impatience. Everything done on time, as stated.
Dr. Bob A.Reform It Now, Inc.

My co-founder and I are thrilled with the professionalism, knowledge, and personable service Harbor Compliance provides. We recommend them to anyone who is starting a business or founding a nonprofit. We were able to found and attain our 501(c)(3) organization, No Longer Fatherless, Inc. with ease because of the knowledge and service Harbor Compliance provides. You will not regret using this fantastic service! They were a pleasure to work with and you will not find a better business to help start yours.
ByronNo Longer Fatherless, Inc.

Working With Us

  • Fully Managed Service

    1-on-1 Support

    Work closely with your Nonprofit Compliance Specialist every step of the way. Your Specialist is available to answer your questions and provide responsive support to your organization.

    Skip the Paperwork

    Your Specialist prepares and files each government application for you and keeps you informed throughout the entire process.

    Flexible Support

    No matter what stage you’re in, we can help! We can set up your organization from scratch, apply for tax exemption if you’ve already incorporated, or get your tax exemption back if you’ve been revoked by the IRS.

  • Expert Advice

    15+ Years Experience

    Our Nonprofit Compliance Specialists are the best in the business. They have decades of experience leading nonprofits and managing compliance. Your Specialist will have the expertise to help you every step of the way.

    Practical Guidance

    As a seasoned nonprofit leader, your Specialist will have a wealth of practical knowledge about launching and developing a successful nonprofit.

    100% Track Record

    Think it’s too good to be true? Just look to our 100% application success rate and outstanding client outcomes as proof.

  • Fastest Processing

    Why Wait to Start?

    When you get started with us, you’ll be introduced to your Specialist within one business day. While other companies take days or even weeks to staff your project, we take minutes.

    Correct Applications = Faster Results

    The number one reason for slow processing times are incorrect and incomplete applications. We get it right the first time to maximize the likelihood of outright approval.

    Expedite Options

    We have offices nationwide for in person filing with the states to receive the fastest processing available. We make these full expedite options available to you.

Your 501(c)(3) Approval Guaranteed

A seal of 501(c)(3) approval

Your Nonprofit Compliance Specialist carefully reviews your mission and prepares your 501(c)(3) application to ensure approval. We know exactly what the IRS requires and will submit a complete application that meets those standards. We maximize the chance for outright approval, but will prepare responses in the event that the IRS examiner requires additional information. 100% of our applications have been approved so we can confidently guarantee that you too will receive your 501(c)(3) approval.

Fully Managed Startup Services

Tax Exempt Package

We will introduce you to your Nonprofit Compliance Specialist within one business day for an initial conversation. Your Specialist will carefully understand your mission and planned operations, answer your initial questions, and outline a road map for establishing your nonprofit. Your Specialist will prepare and file your articles of incorporation, create your nonprofit bylaws, and efficiently complete each additional step necessary to successfully obtain your 501(c)(3) approval. If you have already completed any of these steps, your Specialist will review your work in detail and make any necessary changes.

Compliance Package

Beyond your guaranteed 501(c)(3) approval, our Compliance Package provides our most complete support. At the same time as preparing your 501(c)(3) application, your Specialist will provide seamless assistance with additional registrations required in your state of incorporation. Your Specialist will manage your annual reports to the secretary of state, fundraising registration with the charities bureau, and other filings as necessary to keep your nonprofit in good standing. In addition to full service management of your filings, your Nonprofit Compliance Specialist will provide support as you grow your organization. Our Compliance Package allows you to focus on your mission and achieve maximum impact for your cause.

Tax ExemptPackage


Name Availability 
Articles of Incorporation 
Conflict of Interest Policy 
Federal EIN 
Guaranteed 501(c)(3) Approval 
Registered Agent 
Managed Annual Report Service 
BOI Reporting Service 
Initial Fundraising Registration 
Initial Report 
First Year Support 
Service Fees Starting At $1,899
Service Fees Starting At $2,699

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Our nonprofit resources make it easy to ensure that you’ve covered all the regulatory bases. For more resources, make sure to visit our Information Center!

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike many online companies, we actually prepare your documents for you. With us, you won’t need to bother with time-consuming online questionnaires or drafting the documents yourself.

We pair you with a specialist. A real person! Your specialist discusses your mission with you and collects the basic information needed to get started. From there, your specialist actually prepares your documents and sends them to you for you to review. Take advantage of their wealth of experience setting up all types of nonprofits!

When you choose your formation package and sign up online, you can expect to hear from your specialist within one business day to schedule your initial discussion.

We offer two packages, Tax Exempt and Compliance. Please complete the Get Started form above to tell us more about your nonprofit and get a quote.

As little as two weeks! From the moment you sign up, you can receive your 501(c)(3) determination letter in as little as two weeks. The IRS processing time on the high end is currently up to 3 months on average. This is a huge improvement from 6 to 12 month processing last year. Processing times can change at any time so take advantage while it lasts!

Many of our competitors make you wait weeks for an initial consultation. We think that's terrible service. We get to work right away. Your specialist will reach out within one business day.

Yes we do! We ask for a little bit of information from you online, such as your nonprofit's name, your state of incorporation, and your contact information. Your nonprofit specialist reviews that information and discusses with you the details. Your specialist prepares all your forms for you and sends you drafts to review before filing.

Terrific! Many of our clients have existing entities. As part of the same package price you see online, we review your existing paperwork, and amend as necessary so that it will meet IRS approval.

No, it is possible to file with the IRS without an SSN or ITIN, but it is much easier if you do have one. If you or one of your board members has an SSN, it makes obtaining an EIN much faster. If you do not have an SSN, please expect longer state and IRS processing times.

Absolutely. As document filing specialists, our service complements, not substitutes, the counsel of your attorney or accountant. We do not provide legal or tax advice and will let you know if we come across an area requiring legal or tax counsel.

We work with clients who are in a variety of stages of planning. To get started, we need you to complete the initial information in our brief online questionnaire. This includes your nonprofit's name, your contact information, and your state. Your specialist carefully reviews this information and reaches out to you to discuss in further detail. None of the information you put in is final, so don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure of an answer.

If you have questions about our service, please contact us to speak with a sales representative.

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