Nonprofit State Tax Exemption

Putting money in a piggy bank.

We help your nonprofit obtain state tax exemptions.

  • Save money on state taxes that you can use to fund your mission.
  • Get assistance navigating income, franchise, sales, and other state tax exemptions available.
  • Develop a one-on-one relationship with a nonprofit compliance specialist.

Background: State Tax Exemptions for Nonprofits

It is a common misconception to believe that simply by creating a nonprofit corporation or by obtaining 501(c) tax-exempt status, the nonprofit is automatically exempt from state corporate income and franchise tax. This is not necessarily the case. Gaining tax-exempt recognition from the state sometimes requires submitting documentation or a separate application to the Department of Revenue.

How it Works

Our nonprofit state tax exempt service begins with a consultation.

  • The first step is for us to understand in which states your nonprofit operates. This footprint will tell us in which states you have an opportunity to gain nonprofit state tax exemption.
  • Next, we will review the taxation of each state. The tax code may permit exemption for nonprofits from corporate income tax, franchise tax, or other taxes. We offer a separate service for nonprofit sales and use tax exemption, but can file all state tax exemptions together if you prefer. This approach often saves time and fees.
  • Next, we need to scrutinize the application process of each state. We will determine if we are dependent on IRS 501(c) recognition prior to filing for state tax exemption. The complexities of when to file and the best method to file vary by state, and it is opportune to file as early as possible and in the method that avoids government processing delays and mistakes. You do not need to have IRS 501(c) recognition prior to hiring our service. We take care of navigating this process.

Following your consultation, we will have an agreed upon strategy for obtaining state tax exemptions. Our attention turns to preparing the necessary documentation to obtain tax exemption in each state. You will have the opportunity to review each application before it is filed with the government. We file each application and follow-up with the appropriate state agencies to ensure timely approval and exemption recognition. You will receive documentation of approval, including any new or re-issued state tax identification numbers, for your records.