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What Are Texas Articles of Incorporation?

Preparing and filing your articles of incorporation is the first step in starting your business corporation. Approval of this document secures your corporate name and creates the legal entity of the corporation. Only after this approval can the corporation apply for tax IDs, obtain business licenses, sign contracts, and otherwise conduct business.

Incorporating provides many important benefits:

  • Limits the liability of directors, officers, and shareholders
  • Fulfills statutory requirements to register your business name
  • Provides governance and adds credibility

Fast Facts

For Domestic Corporations:

Agency:Texas Secretary of State - Corporations Section

Form 201: Certificate of Formation for a For-Profit Corporation

Filing Method:

Mail, fax, in-person or online.

Agency Fee:

$300 + optional 2.7% credit card convenience fee


~3-5 business days by mail or fax.


Texas Statues - Business Organizations Code - Title 2: Corporations

  • Submit original and one copy. The secretary will return evidence of filing and a file-stamped copy of the document.
  • A minimum of one director is required. The director must be a natural person and need not reside in Texas.

For Domestic Professional Corporations:

Agency:Texas Secretary of State - Corporations Section

Form 203: Certificate of Formation for a Professional Corporation

Filing Method:

Mail, fax, in-person or online.

Agency Fee:


For Domestic Close Corporations:

Agency:Texas Secretary of State - Corporations Section

Form 812: Statement of Operation as a Close Corporation

Filing Method:

Mail, fax, in-person or online.

Agency Fee:



After having articles of incorporation approved, submit form 812 to register as a close corporation.

Other Helpful Texas Facts

As you are preparing to incorporate, keep in mind the following requirements specific to Texas.

Texas Directors

  • Number: One or more required.
  • Qualifications: None.
  • Quorum: Majority of directors, unless bylaws or articles of incorporations fix a different number. No less than one third.

Texas Officers

  • As state in the bylaws.

Texas Bylaws

  • Required: Yes.

Texas Annual Shareholder Meeting

  • Required: Yes.
  • Action by written consent: Not provided for in statute.

Texas Shareholders

  • Qualifications: N/A
  • Stock Certificate: Required.
  • Voting Trusts Allowed: Yes.

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