Start a Business in Arkansas

This page was last fact-checked January 22, 2014.

This guide provides step-by-step paperwork, filing fees, and processing times to start your business. It will help you file formation documents, obtain tax IDs, and set up company records. Please note:

  • The registration process varies by business structure. If you have not decided whether you want to form an LLC, corporation, or other business structure, click here.
  • The registration process also varies by state. If you do not wish to form your business in Arkansas, click here.

Paperwork, cost, time and step-by-step instructions

Below is an overview of the paperwork, cost, and time to form each of the most popular business structures. Click the structure to view step-by-step formation instructions.

Structure Paperwork Cost Time
Arkansas Limited Liability Company
  • Form LL-1: Articles of Organization for a Domestic Limited Liability Company
  • Form AR-1R: Combined Business Tax Registration Form
  • Operating Agreement
  • IRS Form SS-4: Obtain an EIN
  • Formation: $50 paper. $45 online.
  • Formation: ~2-3 business days
Arkansas Corporation
  • Form DN-01: Articles of Incorporation for a Domestic Corporation
  • Bylaws
  • IRS Form SS-4: Obtain an EIN
  • Form AR-1R: Combined Business Tax Registration Form
  • Form 2553: S-Corp Election, if desired
  • Incorporation: $50 paper. $45 online.
  • Incorporation: ~2-4 business days
Arkansas Nonprofit
  • Form NPD-01: Articles of Incorporation - Domestic Nonprofit or Form NPD-01-501: Articles of Incorporation - Domestic Nonprofit (501(c)(3) Compliant Language)
  • Bylaws
  • IRS Form SS-4: Obtain an EIN
  • IRS Form 1023: 501(c) Tax Exempt Application
  • IRS Determination Letter
  • Form AR-1R: Combined Business Tax Registration Form
  • Form AR1023CT: Application for Income Tax Exempt Status
  • Form F0003: Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption
  • URS Charitable Registration, if applicable
  • Charitable Organization Application for Registration or the Verification of Exemption From Registr
  • Incorporation: $45-50
  • 501(c): $400 or $850 IRS fee
  • Incorporation: ~2-4 business days
  • 501(c): ~3-6 months

Top 5 Tips on Registering a Business in Arkansas

  1. Pay attention to your corporate suffix - for example, "Corporation", "LLC", or "Co.". Arkansas requires such a corporate designator and offers a short list of permissible suffixes.
  2. Filing documents with the Arkansas Secretary of State is actually pretty easy. You can file them online and they'll be processed in 2-3 business days.
  3. Arkansas offers a consolidated state tax registration application. Apply at least 2 weeks before the taxable activity begins. But do not submit more than 60 days prior to opening date.
  4. Corporations must keep certain records at their Arkansas registered office or principal place of business. We'll get into the detail later of exactly what records and what locations are permissible.
  5. You must file a Franchise Tax Report with the Arkansas Secretary of State each year . You may be more familiar with the term used in other states - an "annual report".

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