South Dakota Sales Tax Exemption

We help your 501(c)(3) nonprofit achieve sales tax exemption.

  • Become exempt from sales tax. Save money on taxable sales or purchases, and further your organization’s mission.
  • Turnkey application preparation. Save hours of staff and volunteer time preparing state-level registrations. We prepare and submit your complete exemption application.
  • Expert assistance. Get expert assistance with your tax exemption applications from an experienced specialist.

South Dakota Nonprofit Sales Tax Exemption

In some states, your organization is not automatically exempt from state sales tax, even after obtaining 501(c)(3) recognition from the IRS. You must file a separate application in order to receive state sales tax exemption.

If your organization makes taxable sales or purchases, obtaining South Dakota sales tax exemption will allow your nonprofit to allocate more funds towards pursuing its mission. However, learning state requirements, and preparing exemption applications correctly can take hours of staff and volunteer time.

Harbor Compliance makes obtaining sales tax exemption in each state where you operate painless. We will review your activities, and prepare your state sales tax exemption application to your satisfaction. Additionally, you’ll have the guidance and support of an experienced nonprofit specialist for the whole process. Don’t let sales tax exemption registrations hold your organization back.

Do I need to file a separate application to become exempt from South Dakota sales tax?

It is a misconception that organizations that are exempt from federal income tax are also exempt from state taxes including sales tax. While each state varies, you typically must submit an application for sales tax exemption with the state once you receive your 501(c) determination letter.

How long does it take to become exempt from South Dakota sales tax?

You should budget 1-2 months for the state to process your application. If the application has any deficiencies, the state will return it unapproved, which creates costly delays.

When you choose Harbor Compliance, your dedicated nonprofit specialist will prepare your sales tax exemption application to the state’s exacting standards, allowing your application to be approved quickly.

How we help

Contact us today and let us know in which states your organization is looking to become sales tax exempt We will prepare and file all your state applications so that you can focus on other activities central to your nonprofit's mission.

Nonprofit Sales Tax Exemption Service

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