Reinstate or Revive Your Georgia Entity

Restore your entity to good standing with the state

Reinstatement is the process of restoring a delinquent entity back to good standing. Depending on the cause of delinquency, several steps may be required to reinstate your entity.

For Corporations:

Agency:Georgia Secretary of State

Reinstating a corporation in Georgia requires filing a reinstatement application with the Georgia Secretary of State and may require payment of penalty fees.

For Limited Liability Companies:

Agency:Georgia Secretary of State

Reinstating a Georgia LLC requires retrieving a "Request for Reinstatement Application Form" from the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division webpage. Georgia LLCs can only be reinstated within five years of administrative dissolution. After five years, the state requires a new entity be formed.

What is the state agency that processes reinstatement?

Georgia Secretary of State
Phone: 404-656-2817


What is "Tax Clearance"?

Many states require you to obtain “tax clearance” or “tax good standing” before reinstating your entity. This is written evidence that your entity has cleared all overdue or past taxes with the state’s tax authority, often the Department of Revenue or Department of Taxation. States requiring tax clearance request that the letter or certificate be submitted along with the reinstatement form. Depending on the state, obtaining tax clearance can take weeks or months. If you have not obtained tax clearance, Harbor Compliance can contact your state’s taxation authority and obtain your certificate for you.

Why do I need to reinstate my company?

If your business has been administratively dissolved, or has lost "good standing", you may face state penalties, fines, and other fees for noncompliance. Transacting business with banks, government and licensing agencies, and contractors can be delayed, and at a loss of credibility to your business. Additionally, the owners of the business may be subjected to personal liability. Most states allow you to restore your business to good standing within a certain time, and it is important to take advantage of that window of opportunity. Our corporate filing services can help you reinstate your entity.

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