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Arkansas articles of incorporation are filed to create a corporation.

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Preparing and filing your articles of incorporation is the first step in starting your business corporation. (If you are starting a nonprofit corporation, click here.) Approval of this document secures your corporate name and creates the legal entity of the corporation. Only after this approval can the corporation apply for tax IDs, obtain business licenses, sign contracts, and otherwise conduct business.


Incorporating provides many important benefits:

  • Limits the liability of directors, officers, and shareholders
  • Fulfills statutory requirements to register your business name
  • Provides governance and adds credibility

Fast Facts

We will prepare and file your articles of incorporation as follows:

Agency:Arkansas Secretary of State - Business and Commercial Services Division (BCS)

DN-01: Articles of Incorporation

Filing method:

Mail or online.

Agency fee:

$50 paper. $45 online.


~2-4 business days


Arkansas Code - Title 4: Business and Commercial Law

Why use our Articles of Incorporation service?

We're specialists in incorporation and compliance. We focus solely on corporate compliance, and the state-specific expertise to provide you best-in-industry service at a competitive rate.

A compliance specialists will work with you 1-on-1 to prepare and file your articles of incorporation. You can also rely on your specialist for other services to help you set up and maintain a compliant corporation.

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Other Helpful Arkansas Facts

As you are preparing to incorporate, keep in mind the following requirements specific to Arkansas. Your specialist will help you tailor articles of incorporation to your state.

Arkansas Directors

  • Number: One or more, unless 50 or fewer shareholders, then no board required.
  • Qualifications: No residency or shareholder requirement, unless in bylaws or articles of incorporation.
  • Quorum: As prescribed by the bylaws or articles of incorporation, but no fewer than one third of the members.

Arkansas Officers

  • As prescribed in the bylaws or articles of incorporation.

Arkansas Bylaws

  • Required: Yes.

Arkansas Annual Shareholder Meeting

  • Required: Yes, and can be court-ordered if not held.
  • Action by written consent: Most be unanimous to increase capital stock or bond indebtedness. Majority for all other actions.

Arkansas Shareholders

  • Qualifications: N/A
  • Stock Certificate: Optional, but shareholder must receive a writing with the same information.
  • Voting Trusts Allowed: Yes.

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We set up your corporation fast and help you stay compliant.

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