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Charitable Solicitation Registration, Renewal, and Compliance

Register for fundraising with full-service support from Harbor Compliance. Your designated Compliance Specialist actually prepares and files your applications for you. Our combination of industry expertise and tracking software simplifies all stages of registration and renewal so you can focus on what you do best: meeting your nonprofit’s mission.

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Why Have 25,000 Clients Turned to Harbor Compliance?

The reality of managing nationwide compliance is that it demands attention nearly every day of the year.

Even initial registration can consume hundreds of hours of research, data collection, contacting state agencies, and preparation of forms. We offload these burdens from your staff so you can focus on your organization’s mission and fundraising.

Contact us to speak with an Account Manager and get on the path to fundraising compliance – and peace of mind – today.

41 States Require Registration

Charitable solicitation is regulated on the state-level and the requirements vary by state. Learn more.

A map of 41 states that require charitable solicitation registration

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Engagement Timeline

To complete your registrations and renewals, we will need your organization’s information and financial documents, signatures on applications, and payments for filing fees. We handle everything else. Once we have the input we need from you, we proceed quickly. Our typical processing times are as follows.

Milestone One

Onboarding is Complete - 1 Week

Deliverable: Your entity and registrations statuses are audited and Roadmap Call is scheduled to discuss our findings.
Milestone Two

Applications are Drafted - 2 Weeks*

Deliverable: Your paper applications are drafted for signature and online applications are submitted.
Milestone Three

Renewals are Filed - Ongoing

Deliverable: Your deadlines are tracked and we prepare and file renewals as they come due.
*Processing times are currently delayed due to state closures and changes to filing deadlines as a result of COVID-19.

Working With Us

Software Access

Engagements include access to our License Manager software to view your registrations, events, filing fees, and more. The Project Status section enables you to monitor the progress of your filings.

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  • Eliminate the Hassle

    2-on-1 Support

    Help is just a call away. Your Account Manager handles all things billing-related, while your designated Compliance Specialist can answer any registration questions.

    Skip the Paperwork

    Your Compliance Specialist actually prepares and files each application for you and updates you throughout the entire process.

    Personalized Approach

    No matter what stage you’re in, we can help! Whether you’re filing your first application or managing 41 states of registration paperwork in-house, our experts can provide support.

  • Airtight Process

    Proactive Management

    Your Compliance Specialist immediately researches your current standing to identify your status in all states. You receive a full report of your current standing and prerequisite requirements in any state you plan to register in.

    Avoid the Back and Forth

    Send documentation just once per year – we take care of the rest. Simply provide your charter documents, proof of tax exemption, and your most recent financials. Your Specialist promptly completes all applications and sends them to you for review and signature.

    Consolidated Support

    Find everything you need all in one place. Rely on our nationwide registered agent and foreign qualification services to handle whatever prerequisites you’re facing. With a full suite of nonprofit compliance services, we can help you no matter your standing.

  • Trusted Insights

    Reduce Your Accounts Payable

    We act as your clearinghouse for state filing fees. Instead of paying over 40 state agencies, we remit filing fees on your behalf.

    Never Miss A Deadline

    Our proprietary software tracks your application statuses, license numbers, due dates, and filing fees to give you real-time reporting insights. Generate status reports instantly via our client portal to know your filings are made on time, every time.


    We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them stay in compliance. From volunteer-based organizations to top 100 charities, we have the expertise and depth of experience to scale with you.

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Harbor Compliance has been truly wonderful to work with. They helped us register to solicit donations in all states that require it. We're a small organization and if we had been forced to take on this task, it would have pulled us away from important fundraising efforts. Harbor Compliance held our hand every step of the way and kept us informed and up to speed with every detail.

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Related Requirements

Registering for charitable solicitation requires prerequisites in certain jurisdictions. As part of onboarding, we review whether your organization currently satisfies these requirements and offer services for each.

Foreign Qualification

Select jurisdictions require registration with the Secretary of State as a prerequisite to charitable solicitation registration. This process is called foreign qualification.

Registered Agent

Foreign qualification involves appointing and maintaining a registered agent to receive legal documents and service of process. A separate registered agent appointment may also be required by some agencies.

Franchise Tax Exemption

Most jurisdictions automatically exempt 501(c)(3) organizations from franchise and income taxes while others require an application for exemption. We offer services to secure these exemptions.


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