A compliance audit checklist.

We help you proactively discover areas of noncompliance.

  • Save money by avoiding government penalties
  • Protect your reputation with our review of public government records
  • Continue working one-on-one with your compliance specialist to correct issues

Are you Compliant?

Staying compliant with regulations is an ongoing process that is critical to maintaining the liability protections of your LLC, corporation, or other business entity. The requirements to stay compliant are different for each entity, in each state, and depending on the activities your organization carries out.

ComplianceAdviser™ will answer the question of whether your organization is currently in good standing and what it takes to stay compliant. The service includes two coaching sessions, reference materials, a Compliance Calendar, and one year of ongoing support.


Failing to follow state or federal requirements can create serious problems for your business.
- You can lose "good standing"
- The state can revoke your business license or your right to do business
- You can lose your liability protections, which is called "piercing the corporate veil"
- You can face fines, penalties, or other sanctions

Every business entity has a different set of requirements. It is important to understand the requirements specific to your entity.

How ComplianceAdviser™ Works

Once you order our service, you will be contacted within 2-3 days to schedule an initial session with your compliance coach. Prior to that initial session, you will receive materials that outline the basic compliance requirements for your entity.

Your coach will help you understand your current level of compliance, compliance risks, the requirements for your business, and will help you develop action plans for meeting your requirements. By the end of the sessions, you will have created a Compliance Calendar to help you keep track of deadlines throughout the year.


If you have a pressing question, we want to answer it immediately. That is why you have a direct line to your Compliance Coach who will provide prompt assistance.

1-on-1 Support

You will be assigned a Compliance Coach who will help you throughout the process. You can contact them directly at any time by email or phone.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied, please allow us to make it right or we will refund our service fees.

Harbor set up everything - all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.
AnnWheaton Architecture, LLC
It's awesome to know that Harbor Compliance is looking out for my customers' best interests and will only do what's right for them.
I have a registered LLC for my music/media work and I have contracted with Harbor Compliance for three years now. The customer service is exceptional and they make it easy to maintain my business. I would highly recommend them, especially to small business owners or non-profits who may not have the expertise to navigate the legal complexities of business.
DouglasDouglas Thomas Limited