Why a Full-Service Compliance Partner Is the Best Solution

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Posted on November 2, 2017 by Betsy Gonzalez in Business Compliance.

For many companies, regulatory compliance is like a puzzle worked on piece by piece―a license here, annual reports there, different registered agents throughout each state. But there’s a simpler, more effective way to manage those tasks. Through Harbor Compliance, you can consolidate all of your business licensing and entity management needs to save valuable staff time, get a better return on your compliance investment, and improve your competitive standing.

Save Staff Time and Headaches

Meeting state, federal, and local regulations is a time-consuming task, even under ideal circumstances. For someone who doesn’t handle licensing full-time, applying for a single license in a tough jurisdiction can turn into a frustrating cycle of rejection and resubmission. As weeks turn into months with no license in hand, the impact on your business’s bottom line grows.

We help clients through complex cases and problem jurisdictions, including reinstating licenses and navigating sanctions. We also help clients through the process of expanding into new states, which can be challenging for internal staff who are unfamiliar with the agencies and their preferences. Once they experience our service, companies are usually eager—and all too happy—to turn over the work of licensing to us and let their staff focus on what they do best.

Efficiency + Accuracy = Better ROI

Like most activities, business licensing has a learning curve. For a nonspecialist, applying for a license for the first time in a new state takes a lot of time and research. All too often, it becomes a process of trial and error. Because our specialists handle licenses day in and day out, they know the lay of the land in each jurisdiction and have systems in place to expedite filings. They can file applications accurately in a fraction of the time that it takes a nonspecialist, increasing your operational efficiency and providing a far better return on your compliance investment. In fact, many of our clients experience returns of over 10X ROI.

The true value of partnering with us is realized when all matters of licensing are outsourced, from initial inquiries to renewals, so whatever phase of licensing you’re in, and whatever jurisdictions you need to enter, it’s all being managed efficiently and effectively.

Strategic Licensing

Our compliance specialists have expertise that goes beyond the information published on state websites. They know agencies’ administrative preferences and have relationships with regulators that let them expedite filings, even for special cases. Our specialists understand that in some jurisdictions, it will take a minimum of two weeks to get a license, while in others, you can get same-day turnaround. They know where it pays to file online, and where it’s faster to fax. Many jurisdictions offer expedited filing for a fee, which may or may not pay off for you, depending on your plans. This expertise allows us to manage your licenses strategically, ensuring that your licenses always stay one step ahead of your operations.

In regulated industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, staffing, and pharmacy, licenses are often required before firms may advertise or bid for work. Strategic licensing can provide a competitive advantage by facilitating growth and expansion.

Advantages for Professional Services Firms

We partner with many law and accounting firms to provide compliance services to their clients. Through partnership with us, firms have been able to increase internal efficiency while expanding their offerings and improving client outcomes.

One Hub for All Your Compliance Needs

When you partner with Harbor Compliance, you can consolidate all of your business licenses and permits under one roof, as well as entity management solutions such as registered agent service, foreign qualification, annual reports, and more. And you can track every piece of the puzzle through a single user-friendly interface, which lets you see all of your licenses, registrations, and reports and get copies of documents effortlessly.

If you’re still managing compliance piece by piece, you may be missing the big picture. Talk to one of our compliance specialists today, and find out what a full-service compliance program could do for your business.

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