State Agencies Experience Ongoing Filing Delays

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State agencies are continuing to experience significant delays in filing processing times.

Burdened by the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including limited in-person staff, secretary of state offices have struggled to maintain pre-pandemic turnaround times.

Here is a list of some of the regular processing delays we are tracking.

Secretary of State Filing Delays

  • Delaware
    • 2-3 months behind on regular processing times
    • 1-2 days behind on 24-hour filings
  • Maine
    • 25-30 business days behind on regular processing times
  • Missouri
    • 4-week processing
  • New York
    • 8-9-month processing
  • Pennsylvania
    • 2 weeks behind on regular processing times

Licensing Filing Delays

  • Illinois
    • 12-month processing time for charity registrations
  • New Jersey
    • 5 months behind on regular processing time for engineering firm licenses
  • New York
    • 9-12-month processing time for engineering firm licenses

State delays and closures happen regularly. At Harbor Compliance, we work diligently with secretary and state and licensing agencies to monitor processing times. We offer robust compliance solutions and the ability to expedite filings whenever possible. We encourage clients to a take a proactive view of state compliance and factor government agency processing times into their strategic plans.

Please contact us for assistance with filing projects or for questions about current processing times.

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