Pennsylvania Department of State Issues Consumer Alert

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Mike Montali in Business Compliance.

The Pennsylvania Department of State has issued a scam warning for solicitations of annual minutes fees.  The company responsible for these solicitations, Pennsylvania Corporate Compliance Company, is mailing out official looking notices to Pennsylvania businesses.  These notices, titled “Annual Meeting Disclosure Statement“, are requesting that business entities submit information along with payment of $125 and state that companies failing to file the information in a timely manner will become in “bad standing”.

It is true that business entities have certain compliance requirements including holding meetings and keeping minutes.  What is not true is that meeting minutes or disclosure statements are required to be filed with any government agency or company, or that there are fees associated with submitting these documents.  As stated clearly on the Corporations Bureau website, “Pennsylvania corporations and limited liability companies are not required to file corporate minutes with the Department of State or with a private company such as Pennsylvania Corporate Compliance Company.”

Please note that this company is in no way affiliated with the state nor Harbor Business Compliance Corporation.

For questions about annual minutes or other compliance requirements, please feel to contact us.